Erica Synths Modulator II Full Kit – Build Your Own Eurorack LFO and Sample & Hold Module


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Add powerful modulation capabilities to your Eurorack modular synthesizer with the Erica Synths Modulator II Full Kit. This DIY kit contains everything you need to build your own LFO and sample & hold module for generating control signals and bringing movement to your patches.

Intuitive LFO with Variable Waveforms

At the core of the Modulator II is an intuitive, flexible LFO. It generates triangle and pulse waveforms with variable shape control to morph between saw, triangle and ramp waves. The rate control dials in LFO speeds from ultra-slow to audio rate modulation effects. Whether you need smooth, sweeping waves or hard sync effects, the LFO delivers.

Massive White Noise from Onboard Noise Generators

Two types of noise generators are onboard for adding wide spectrum noise. A transistor-based noise source produces bright white noise with a harsh character. For a smoother noise signal, use the zener diode noise generator. Dial in just the right amount of noise with the dedicated mix control.

Sample and Hold Circuit Based on Analog Chips

An old-school S&H circuit uses vintage Analog Devices 1100CK2 chips to sample a noise or LFO signal and output random stepped control voltages. Modulate filters, pitches, levels and more with the S&H. CV and clock inputs allow external control of the sample rate.

Build Your Own Module with Detailed Instructions

The Erica Synths Modulator II kit contains all the parts you need to assemble your own Eurorack module. Clear, detailed documentation with photos walks you through each step of the build process. All parts are high-quality and hand-selected. With basic soldering skills, you can build a pro-grade module and save money.

Add Expressive Modulation to Your System

The Modulator II is ideal for Eurorack synthesists looking to add organic, expressive modulation to their system. Use it to:

  • Animate filter cutoffs with sweeping LFO waves
  • Introduce movement and thickening with LFO vibrato on VCOs
  • Add random modulation with the S&H section
  • Create aliasing, synthetic textures with audio rate modulation

Whether you need evolving pads, shimmering effects or robot voices, the Modulator II serves up versatile control voltages.

DIY for Customization and Learning

By building your own module, you can customize and enhance your system in ways not possible with pre-made modules. Change component values to alter the core circuits and save money over commercial modules. The DIY build process also lets you learn about analog electronics and synth circuits hands-on.

Erica Synths Quality in DIY Form

Erica Synths has over a decade of experience designing high-caliber Eurorack modules. With the Modulator II kit, you can tap into Erica’s expertise in a DIY package. Benefit from Erica’s rigorous component selection and circuit design while building your own unique module.

Modulator II Full Kit Contents:

  • All components to assemble one Modulator II module
  • Circuit boards
  • Panel and mounting hardware
  • Detailed build guide and instructions

Take your Eurorack system to new sonic territory with the Erica Synths Modulator II Kit. Craft your own LFO, S&H and noise module and explore new worlds of voltage controlled synthesis.


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