ERINGOGO Premium Redwood/Rosewood Guitar Pedal Knobs – Set of 8


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Give your pedalboard a custom, pro-level look with this set of 8 guitar effect pedal knobs from ERINGOGO. Featuring a mix of handcrafted redwood and rosewood knobs, this set adds unique style perfect for any genre.

Handcrafted Wood Construction

Each knob in this set features natural wood construction, made from either rosewood or redwood. The rich woodgrain patterns make every knob unique. Both redwood and rosewood are hardy tonewoods that provide durability along with premium aesthetics. The knobs fit standard 1/4-inch shafts and have textured sides for easy grip.

Customizable Style

The redwood and rosewood combo allows you to customize the look of your pedals. Use all redwood for a uniform effect, or mix and match for a more eclectic style. The wood knobs complement vintage, retro and modern pedals alike. Install them on overdrive, distortion, modulation, delay, compressor, tuner and other effect pedals to give your pedalboard a pro-level look.

Stage-Ready Grip

The textured sides ensure you can easily turn these knobs even with sweaty hands during intense live performances. No need for knob tops – just grip the sides for quick tweaks mid-song. The ribbed grip pattern provides tactile control over your tone settings. Set and forget or make adjustments on the fly.

Universal 1/4-Inch Fit

These knobs will work with virtually all pedals and amps that use standard size shafts. They easily fit brands like Boss, EHX, TC Electronic, MXR, Behringer, Donner, NUX and more. For electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic-electric guitars and other instruments, these provide better grip and control. The redwood and rosewood set an earthy mood that sounds as good as it looks.

Quick and Easy Install

Installation takes just seconds, with no tools required. Just remove your old knobs and press your new wood knobs into place by hand. The tapered design ensures a tight friction fit every time. For extra security, a small drop of clear nail polish or thread locking fluid can be used to prevent slipping. Then start enjoying your upgraded pedals immediately.

Built to Last

While contributing great aesthetics, redwood and rosewood are also rugged and stable tonewoods. They will maintain integrity even with heavy use. The knobs feature strong construction and printed indicator lines so your settings stay visible. No more fading, slippery plastic knobs. Your custom wood pedalboard will retain its beauty and function gig after gig.

Take Control of Your Tone

Having textured, easy-grip knobs allows you to take command of your effects right on stage. Tweak drive, tone, volume, gain and more with precision – no tools required. See your settings easily even in low light. The tactile grip empowers you to make adjustments mid-song if needed. Shape your sound for any venue or genre with ease.

Elevates Any Pedalboard

This redwood and rosewood set provides an elegant upgrade for budget plastic pedals. The natural woodgrain and colors blend with any rig while adding heft and quality. Use them to replace worn-out knobs on vintage pedals or upgrade modern chromatic pedals. The handcrafted wood set creates a professional pedalboard aesthetic.

Complete Your Pedalboard Vision

Every element matters when designing a pro-level pedalboard that represents your style. Premium knobs stand out compared to cheap plastic ones. The ERINGOGO redwood and rosewood set enable you to complete the look you envision – smooth wood that performs as good as it looks. Realize your dream pedalboard with custom wood knobs.

Make a statement on stage with these handcrafted redwood and rosewood effect pedal knobs by ERINGOGO. Order a set now to customize your guitar or bass effects!


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