ERYUE Tuna Mini Ultra-Portable 25-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with RGB Backlit Pads


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Unlock your inner musical creativity with the ERYUE Tuna Mini ultra-portable 25-key USB MIDI keyboard controller. This versatile keyboard is packed with professional features in a compact and portable design – perfect for music producers, DJs, and musicians on the go.

25 Velocity-Sensitive Keys

The ERYUE Tuna Mini keyboard features 25 slim velocity-sensitive keys that allow for expressive and dynamic playing. The keys are tuned to mimic the feel of full-sized piano keys, providing a natural playing experience. Adjust the velocity response to suit your playing style. The compact 25-key layout is ideal for travel and saving space, while still allowing you to play melodies and basslines.

8 RGB Backlit Trigger Pads

In addition to the 25 keys, the ERYUE Tuna Mini includes 8 backlit trigger pads for drum programming and clip launching. The RGB lighting illuminates the pads in your choice of colors for a stylish look on stage. The pads are velocity-sensitive and dual-zone, enabling you to assign two sounds to each pad. Two pad banks allow you to access 16 different sounds in total. Use the pads to add drums, percussion, samples, and effects to your music productions.

Octave Buttons and Pitch/Modulation Controls

Octave down and octave up buttons let you shift the keyboard octave range for expanded note control. Get creative with the pitch bend and modulation touch strips, which can be assigned to control parameters like pitch, filters, volume, and more. Tweak your sound on the fly.

Plug and Play USB MIDI Operation

Connecting the ERYUE Tuna Mini to your computer is effortless using the built-in USB MIDI connection. It’s a class compliant MIDI device, so no driver installation is required. USB bus power eliminates the need for a power supply – just plug in via USB and start making music! The keyboard works with virtually all MIDI compatible music software for Mac and PC.

Portable and Lightweight

Weighing just 1.1 lbs (500g), the ERYUE Tuna Mini is made for mobility. The ultra-slim, compact design lets you toss it in a backpack and take it anywhere. Set up your mobile music production station in seconds. It’s the perfect travel companion for music creators on the move.

Despite the portable size, the ERYUE Tuna Mini delivers big functionality. You get 25 touch-sensitive keys, 8 RGB backlit pads, pitch/mod controls, octave shift buttons, and MIDI over USB – everything you need to start laying down tracks and performing live.

Connect headphones, speakers, or an amp directly to the ERYUE Tuna Mini and start jamming, or hook it up to your favorite audio workstation to compose, record, and produce your next hit song. With professional features in a highly portable design, unleash your creativity anywhere inspiration strikes with the ERYUE Tuna Mini 25-key MIDI keyboard controller.


  • 25 velocity-sensitive slim keys with natural touch response
  • 8 RGB backlit trigger pads with dual-zone functionality
  • Octave down and up buttons expand note range
  • Pitch bend and modulation touch strips for expressive controls
  • Sustain pedal input (pedal not included)
  • USB MIDI connection, class compliant plug-and-play operation
  • Bus-powered via USB, no power supply required
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight design for travel and mobile music production
  • Works with Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices

Step up your music productions and performances with the ERYUE Tuna Mini 25-key USB MIDI keyboard controller. The professional features, seamless USB MIDI operation, and ultra-portable design let you create music anywhere your inspiration takes you.


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