ES-17 Big Band Salsa Cowbell – Crisp Cutting Cowbell Tone for Jazz, Latin, Funk, and More


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Bring the authentic sound of latin percussion to your band with the ES-17 Big Band Salsa Cowbell. This mountable 8.25″ brushed steel cowbell is carefully crafted to produce a wide open, cutting tone perfect for driving mambo, salsa, and latin jazz rhythms.

Crisp, Defined Cowbell Tone

The ES-17 produces a deep fundamental pitch without excessive overtones, giving it definition and focus. The broad mouth of the bell opens up into a clean, cutting strike. When played closed, the tone tightens for accents and patterns. This excellent balance between open and closed tones makes the ES-17 versatile for both playing complex rhythms and cutting through the mix.

Designed for Response and Playability

This cowbell features thoughtful design details to enhance response and playability. The heavy-duty steel construction and mouth diameter provide strong projection. The height offers ergonomic positioning for mounting and playing. The curved shape contours for comfort and freedom of motion.

With a focus on crisp fundamentals instead of wash, the ES-17’s tone promotes rhythmic interplay. The cutting attack commands attention – letting your patterns slice through the band with clarity.

Precision-Tuned by Percussionists

LP takes a player’s perspective to dialing in the ideal sound. The ES-17 was designed in collaboration with renowned percussionist Joe Madera. With decades of performing and recording experience, Joe understands the nuances of cowbell tones. The expertise of dedicated percussionists results in instruments finely tuned for response, projection, and musicality.

Mountable for Performance and Recording

The ES-17 mountable cowbell comes complete with a LP208 mounting bracket for attaching to stands, racks, and percussion rigs.

Like all LP percussion, this cowbell is also built rugged. The brushed steel surface resists wear and corrosion while still providing great feel. Rubber isolation feet protect your equipment from unwanted ringing. This durable construction will hold up to the beatings of gigs, sessions, and tours.

Latin Percussion – Legacy of Authentic Percussion

LP has been crafting percussion instruments inspired by ideas from the world’s top performers and educators since 1956. This focus on continuous innovation drives the development of new, artist-inspired sounds. All LP percussion is meticulously designed and produced with consistency and premium quality at the company’s US-based factory.

With its excellent cut and defined pitch, the ES-17 Big Band Salsa Cowbell continues the LP legacy of authentic percussion. The crisp, responsive tone enhances Latin, jazz, funk, and other styles. Bring a fresh voice to your rhythms with the ES-17.


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