ESC BS-BA 2 Bass Buffalo EQ Amp Sim Headphone+DI Out +Aux – Ultimate Bass Tone Shaping and Practice Tool


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Take total control over your bass tone with the ESC BS-BA 2 Bass Buffalo EQ Amp Sim Headphone+DI Out +Aux. This powerful all-in-one stompbox lets you shape every aspect of your sound, from the EQ to distortion and more. Plus, built-in amp sims, headphone output, and DI make it easy to practice silently or plug straight into a PA.

Parametric EQ

The 3-band parametric EQ provides extensive tone-shaping options. Dial in the perfect amount of lows, mids, and highs by adjusting the frequency, gain, and Q for each band. Cut or boost up to 15dB, with variable Q from 0.7 to 3.5. Get the exact bass tone you want, no matter the venue or genre.

Amp Simulation

With 3 cabinet sims to choose from, you can emulate classic rigs like the Ampeg SVT, Fender Bassman, and more. Use the dedicated drive and blend knobs to add anything from subtle breakup to full-on overdrive. It’s like having multiple iconic bass amps in one pedal.

Silent Practice Options

The built-in headphone amp with aux input makes the Buffalo ideal for silent practice at home or backstage. Just plug in your headphones and your bass and you can play along to tracks without making a sound. The XLR DI output also lets you plug straight into a mixing board for gigs or recording.

Powerful Tone-Shaping

Further tweak your sound with the adjustable Mid Shift for adding clang and attack or the Treble Boost for extra clarity and bite. The ultra-transparent boost can give up to 15dB of clean gain, while the adjustable Noise Gate keeps hum and noise at bay.

Compact & Durable

The heavy-duty metal chassis ensures the BS-BA 2 can handle life on the road. Despite its ample features, it packs everything into a compact, pedalboard-friendly housing. The Buffalo is powered by a 9V adapter or battery for maximum portability.

With extensive tone-shaping, ample I/O, and versatile practice tools, the ESC BS-BA 2 gives you an entire bass rig in one stompbox. Shape any tone you want and hone your skills anywhere with this powerful bass effects processor.

Key Features:

– 3-band parametric EQ with +/- 15dB of cut/boost

– 3 amp simulation modes – Ampeg SVT, Fender Bassman, Acoustic 360

– Dedicated drive and blend controls for distortion

– Headphone amp with auxiliary input for silent practice

– XLR balanced DI output

– Mid Shift and Treble Boost functions

– Noise Gate to eliminate hum and excess noise

– Transparent clean boost with up to 15dB gain

– Heavy-duty metal construction

– Compact footprint

– Powered by 9V battery or adapter (not included)

Take your bass tone into your own hands with the powerful sound-shaping tools of the ESC BS-BA 2 Bass Buffalo. With unmatched EQ, amp sims, and practice features, this compact pedal provides extensive control over every aspect of your bass sound.


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