Experience Dynamic Drumming with This 3-Piece Brush Set for Beginners to Pros


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Discover a versatile drumming experience with this thoughtfully designed 3-piece brush set. The set includes 1 pair of innovative drum wire brushes, 1 pair of retractable nylon brushes, and 1 pair of bamboo drumsticks – providing a mix of textures and techniques to explore.

Drum Wire Brushes Deliver Natural, Subtle Acoustics

The drum wire brushes feature tightly wound metal wires that extend and retract across the playing surface. This creates a sweeping sensation ideal for gentle, subtle rhythms in jazz, folk, orchestra and more. Light gauge wires flex and recover quickly, producing minimal contact and volume for acoustic intimacy. An easy-grip wood handle allows you to control wire splay and pressure. With practice, you’ll achieve nuance and expression by varying your stroke and pressure. The wire loop handle-end enables easy hanging and storage.

Retractable Nylon Jazz Brushes for Silky Tones

The retractable nylon-bristle jazz brushes deliver a silky swish perfect for low-volume practice, stage and studio work. Tiny, flexible nylon bristles lightly graze the drum head for minimal contact. A chrome-plated steel loop unfurls the bristles then snaps back gently – encouraging fluid wrist motion. The wood handle promotes comfortable play over extended practice. Use bristle pressure and strokes to control volume and articulation.

Traditional Drumsticks Provide Crisp, Versatile Percussion

The set also includes traditional drumsticks for well-balanced handling and a crisp percussive attack. Shaped from quality bamboo, these sticks provide solid rebound off drum heads for rhythmic energy. A rubber non-slip grip keeps the sticks secured during active play. The wood shafts transmit bright attack and projection. Use these sticks to drive drum lines, accents and fills.

Thoughtful Design Details Enhance Playability

Thoughtful design details throughout this 3-piece set enhance the drumming experience. The nylon and wire brushes feature special wraps near the neck that improve grip and control. This also prevents bristles and wires from spreading too far and muffling sound. The rubber non-slip on the drumsticks also allows for active, comfortable play.

Premium Materials Built to Last

Constructed using premium materials like natural bamboo, flexible wires and nylon, this 3-piece brush set is built to provide lasting performance. The bamboo drumsticks are durable yet responsive for dynamic rhythm play. The nylon and wire bristles retain flexibility for optimal rebound. Whether you’re equipping your first drum kit or expanding an experienced set-up, these brushes deliver reliable quality.

Versatile Set Suits Drummers of All Levels

This thoughtful 3-piece brush set provides versatile options suitable for drummers of all skill levels. Budding players can explore new textures and techniques to develop their rhythmic vocabulary. Intermediate to advanced drummers can incorporate these dynamic brushes into their playing style for variety. With the wire, nylon and stick options, you can achieve subtle pulses, smooth jazz tempos, all the way to driving rock beats.

Convenient Storage Pouch for On-the-Go Practice

Each set includes a premium velvet storage pouch so you can keep the brushes and sticks protected. The soft interior prevents scratches or scuffs to the gear. An integrated drawstring and strap enables secure closure and easy carrying. Take your dynamic percussion toolkit anywhere you want drum practice on the go – whether heading to jam sessions, band practice or drum lessons.

Enliven Your Rhythm, Widen Your Percussion Palette

Equip your drumming practice with exciting new textures, techniques and tone colors. This thoughtfully designed 3-piece brush set provides dynamic options to enliven your playing and widen your percussive palette. The mixing wire, nylon and stick options will keep your drumming fresh and engaged across different genres. Choose authentic acoustic intimacy or driving rock beats – the rhythmic choice is yours.


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