FanMerch Led Zeppelin John Bonham Tribute Mini Drum Set Replica – Vistalite Transparent Amber


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Capture the spirit of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham with this beautifully crafted miniature drum set replica from FanMerch. Lovingly handmade, this detailed collectible set allows you to honor Bonham’s larger-than-life drumming style that helped define Led Zeppelin’s powerful sound.

Vistalite Transparent Amber Finish Captures Bonham’s Signature Ludwig Kit

This mini drum kit replica beautifully recreates Bonham’s iconic amber Vistalite drum set from Ludwig. The transparent Vistalite shells allow the inner drum heads to be visible, just like Bonham’s original kit. The deep amber color is flawlessly captured on the mini bass drum, hanging toms, snare drum, and other components. Every details matches Bonham’s setup during Led Zeppelin’s 1973 tour and later years.

Precision Details Honor Bonham’s Legendary Drumming Style

While small in size, this miniature drum kit replica is huge in its attention to detail. The bass drum features Bonham’s signature hoop clamp that allowed his kick drum to move and resonate freely. The meticulous hand-painted “Bonzo” graphic mirrors the art on Bonham’s own bass head. The snare includes delicate strainer wires underneath the snare head for an authentic snare response.

Complete Kit Includes Cymbals, Stands and Pedals

Adding to the remarkable realism, FanMerch’s John Bonham miniature drum set comes complete with cymbals, drum stands and bass drum pedal. The kit includes recreations of Bonham’s Paiste cymbals, snare stand, hi-hat stand, cymbal stands and bass drum pedal. Each component is miniaturized with extreme precision.

Perfect for Displaying and Collecting

This amazing 1/4 scale replica drum kit looks incredible on display. The full mini drum set measures just 16 inches wide x 11 inches deep x 12 inches high, allowing it to fit nicely on a shelf, bookcase or desk. All drum and cymbal stands connect securely with tightening knobs to hold everything in place. The lightweight pieces are easily assembled and disassembled for portability.

Description of Components

– Bass drum with “Bonzo” graphic
– Snare drum with strainer wires underneath the head
– Two rack toms suspended from bass drum
– Floor tom with attached cymbal arm and replica Paiste cymbal
– Hi-hat cymbals on mini stand
– Crash cymbal with stand
– Bass drum pedal

Ideal for Led Zeppelin Fans, Drummers and Music Lovers

The John Bonham mini drum set is sure to please Led Zeppelin fans who want to honor the legendary drummer’s legacy. Aspiring drummers will love having this replica kit on display as an inspirational piece. Music teachers can give this collectible as a gift to students. With its quality details and amber Vistalite finish, this miniature replica drum kit makes a unique addition to any drummer’s collection.

Handcrafted with Care by FanMerch Artisans

FanMerch’s artisan drum makers individually handcraft each component in this John Bonham mini drum set to produce a high-quality replica. Expert painting techniques flawlessly replicate the Vistalite amber finish. The drums are fitted with real drumheads for added realism. Every detail down to the miniaturized lugs, tension rods and cymbal stands showcases the skill and care put into each set.

Why Customers Love FanMerch’s Mini Drum Set Replicas

I bought this Bonham replica kit for my husband’s birthday and he absolutely loved it! The details are so precise, from the Bonzo graphic to the little strainer wires under the snare head. It looks fantastic displayed in his drum studio.

I’m learning drums and wanted something inspirational on my desk. This mini John Bonham amber Vistalite replica looks awesome and really motivates me to keep practicing.

My music students get so excited when they see this kit in our classroom. It’s the perfect teaching tool for showing drumming styles and music history.

The transparent amber finish is stunning and truly captures the spirit of Bonham’s iconic Ludwig kit. A must-have for any true Led Zeppelin fan!

It’s amazing how realistic this half-scale drum set looks. FanMerch perfectly recreated every little detail. I love adding LED lights to illuminate the Vistalite shells.

Add Bonzo’s Beat to Your Collection Today

This meticulously crafted John Bonham miniature drum set replica brings the thunderous rhythms of Led Zeppelin to life. The handmade quality and extreme attention to detail make this replica kit a stunning honor to Bonham’s drumming legacy. Made by drummers for drummers and Zeppelin fans, FanMerch’s mini amber Vistalite Bonham drum set belongs in every drummer’s collection.


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