Fender Classic Wood Guitar Case for Stratocaster and Telecaster Models – Black


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Protect your prized Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster guitar with the stylish Fender Classic Series wood guitar case. This case features the iconic asymmetrical Fender shape with a black tolex exterior, vintage latch closure, and soft crushed acrylic interior lining to keep your instrument safe from bumps and scratches. The plush interior provides top-notch protection for your guitar’s delicate finish.

Classic Fender Styling

Modeled after vintage Fender cases from the 1950s and 60s, this wood case evokes a classic, retro vibe. The asymmetrical shape with rounded edges is distinctly Fender. Black tolex covering gives it a clean, timeless look. A white stencil Fender logo adorns the top, harkening back to Fender’s early days in southern California.

Protects Precious Instruments

The Fender Classic guitar case uses a variety of materials to safely transport your expensive guitar. The wood construction provides rigidity to prevent warping or denting. The tolex exterior resists scuffs and scrapes. Inside, the soft acrylic lining cradles your guitar’s contours and prevents finish damage.

Plush, Crushed Acrylic Interior

Your guitar rests in a bed of super soft crushed acrylic fabric. This thick, plush lining conforms to the shape of your instrument to prevent movement and keep it securely in place. The soft lining also protects delicate guitar finishes and prevents scratches, chips or wear from occurring during transport.

Vintage Latch Closure

A classic latch and bracket closure system securely keeps the case shut during travel. Flip the latch up, align the brackets, and press down firmly to close the case. The secure latch mechanism prevents the case from accidentally opening. When you reach your destination, simply flip up the latch and unhook the brackets to open the case.

Accessory Storage

The case lid has a convenient external pocket for storing small accessories and personal items. You can keep your guitar picks, polishing cloth, extra strings, capo, slides, headphones, straps, tools and more in this handy compartment. The pocket also provides quick access to items you need while playing.

Fits Stratocaster and Telecaster Models

This case is specially contoured to fit both Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster guitar models, including vintage and modern designs. The interior is shaped to accommodate the curves and edges of either guitar type. Simply lay your Strat or Tele in the case cavity and enjoy a custom fit.

Where To Buy

Pick up the Fender Classic Series Wood Case for Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars at your local authorized Fender dealer. You can also find this case at many top online musical instrument retailers. Be sure to choose express shipping to get your new vintage-style Fender guitar case quickly!


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