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Take your acoustic guitar tone to the next level with the Fender Smolder Acoustic Overdrive Pedal. This pedal is specifically designed for acoustic guitars, with features that preserve and enhance the natural tone of your instrument.

Overdrive That Sounds Great Through Your Guitar’s Pickups

Getting pleasing distortion out of an acoustic guitar has always been tricky. Regular overdrive and distortion pedals sound shrill and harsh through acoustic pickups. The Smolder was created by Fender’s engineers to solve this problem. It adds warmth and growl to your tone without sacrificing clarity.

The Smolder uses Fender’s innovative Pickup Compensation technology. This instantly analyzes your guitar’s pickup and adjusts the EQ curve to complement it. The result is overdrive that enhances the natural frequency response of your acoustic.

Dial in Your Ideal Amount of Grit

A straightforward Drive knob lets you set the exact amount of distortion you want. Dial in a touch of crunch to add maturity and thickness. Or crank it up for singing leads that soar above the mix.

The pedal is very responsive to your guitar’s volume knob. Back off your guitar’s volume for cleaner tones. Dig in harder for more growl and sustain. This makes it easy to go from crystalline cleans to rich saturation.

Shape Your Tone with 3-Band EQ

The Smolder gives you powerful tone-shaping options. Bass, midrange, and treble controls let you dial in the perfect overdriven acoustic sound for any context. Cutting the mids helps your leads poke through the acoustic frequencies. Boosting them adds percussiveness for rhythms. Take out some low end to prevent muddiness. Or add lows for thickness and chord definition.

A unique Filter control lets you tame the high end. Turn it clockwise to mellow out the distortion. This prevents an overly brash or piercing distorted acoustic tone.

Built-In Cabinet Simulator

The pedal comes loaded with Fender’s Impulse Cabinet Simulation. This recreates the sound of your guitar being miked up and run through a real guitar cab. The result is a transparent, organic overdriven tone.

The cabinet simulation adds crucial warmth and resonance to the distortion. Your tone has increased realism, presence, and tonal complexity compared to a pedal without cab sim. It sounds more like a miked amplifier than a processed direct signal.

Compact and Pedalboard-Ready

The Smolder Acoustic Overdrive Pedal has a durable stompbox design built for gigging musicians. It takes up minimal space on your pedalboard thanks to its compact footprint. Despite its small size, the pedal still features high-quality components with all-metal construction.

Power the Smolder with a 9 volt power supply, either a battery or AC adapter. It can share power supplies with other pedals on your board. Weighing just over 1 pound, the pedal is ready to take to gigs near and far.

Overdrive Made for Acoustics

Take your Martin, Taylor, or other acoustic-electric guitar into new sonic territory. The Fender Smolder Acoustic Overdrive Pedal unleashes growling crunch and singing leads while preserving your guitar’s woody resonance. With its pickup compensation, shaped EQ, and built-in cab sim, this pedal finally makes acoustic overdrive sound right.


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