Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Bundle – Everything You Need to Start Playing


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The Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Bundle is the perfect choice for aspiring musicians looking for an affordable, quality acoustic guitar and accessories to start playing right out of the box. This value-packed bundle includes a full-size Fender Squier dreadnought acoustic guitar with a handsome natural finish, as well as a durable hardshell case, clip-on tuner, guitar strap, extra strings, picks, and a DVD with video lessons to help you learn. With this bundle, you get everything you need to start practicing and playing acoustic guitar.

An Impressively Constructed Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

The centerpiece of this bundle is the dreadnought body Squier acoustic guitar. With its laminate lindenwood top, laminate mahogany back and sides, and slim “C”-shaped mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard, this guitar produces a balanced and full-bodied dreadnought tone. The construction quality rivals that of more expensive instruments, with carefully cut “X”-shaped scalloped bracing to improve resonance. The guitar plays comfortably right out of the box thanks to its slim neck profile and low action.

The guitar’s natural finish gives it an attractive, classic look reminiscent of historic dreadnoughts. Chrome die-cast tuning machines help this guitar stay in tune through practice sessions, jam sessions, and live performances. For new players or those looking for an affordable second guitar to travel with, the impressive construction, resonant sound, and stylish appearance of the Squier dreadnought make it an ideal choice.

Everything You Need to Start Playing Acoustic Guitar

This bundle includes much more than just a guitar. It comes with useful accessories and learning materials, allowing you to start playing acoustic guitar as soon as the package arrives.

The durable hardshell case protects your guitar from bumps, scratches, and the elements when transporting it to lessons or band practice. A clip-on chromatic tuner conveniently snaps onto the guitar’s headstock for quick tuning between songs. Changing strings is easy with the included extra set.

The bundle also includes guitar picks in various sizes so you can find the ideal fit for your hand size and playing style. The adjustable fabric guitar strap lets you play standing up comfortably. For beginning players, the instructional DVD guides you through tuning, basic chords, strumming patterns, finger placement, and more.

An All-in-One Solution for New Guitarists

Getting started with an unfamiliar instrument like the guitar can be intimidating. With the Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Bundle, every accessory you need as a beginner is right at your fingertips.

The bundled DVD contains 90 minutes of lessons that breakdown guitar fundamentals into easy-to-follow sections. Step-by-step instructions teach you how to hold the guitar, read chord diagrams, play basic chords like G, C, D, E minor, and A minor, and string together beginner-friendly song patterns. The instructor covers everything in a patient, encouraging manner, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

For those who prefer learning from books, the DVD covers the same topics using diagrams, photos, and written step-by-step guidance. Multiple camera angles ensure you can see correct hand positioning. The DVD’s bilingual support covers instruction in both English and Spanish audio.

With the Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundle’s quality construction, full dreadnought sound, accessories for stringing and tuning, picks, strap, and lessons for beginners, you get an incredible value. You can start practicing guitar right after opening the box!


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