Find Peace and Serenity with the ZXZYHFTY Steel Tongue Drum


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Immerse yourself in the soothing, meditative sounds of the ZXZYHFTY steel tongue drum. This high-quality 12 inch hand drum features 13 notes for a wide range of mystical tones perfect for relaxation, yoga, meditation, or simple musical enjoyment.

Handcrafted Design

The ZXZYHFTY drum is carefully handcrafted from premium carbon alloy steel for unparalleled quality and durability. The round, hollow body amplifies sound projection while the tongue construction creates an ethereal, lingering tone when struck. Each note produces unique vibrations that reverberate through the air to melt away stress.

Portable and Packaged for Music Anywhere

Measuring just 12 inches wide, this compact drum fits easily into the included carrying case to take your music anywhere. The case keeps your drum protected while the extras like drumsticks, finger pads, and sheet music ensure you have everything needed to start playing straight out of the box.

Soothing, Meditative Tones

Create your own peaceful soundtrack to promote relaxation and inner stillness. The mellow notes of the ZXZYHFTY steel tongue drum promote stress relief and a calm state of mind. The moderate volume is ideal for personal mindfulness or setting a serene mood during yoga, meditation, or nature escapes.

Easy to Play for All Ages

This intuitive instrument is simple to learn, even for beginners and children. The included notes, sheet music, and drumsticks make it easy to start playing basic rhythms right away. The drum promotes creativity, imagination, and dexterity across all age groups. Even those with no musical experience can enjoy the soothing tones of the drum.

Premium Quality Materials

– Handcrafted carbon alloy steel construction is durable and optimized for acoustic properties

– Round, hollow body amplifies sound projection for an immersive musical experience

– Tongue drum design creates a lingering, ethereal tone when struck

– Notes strategically placed for ergonomic playing

Not Just an Instrument, An Experience

The ZXZYHFTY steel tongue drum takes you on a musical journey to discover inner harmony. Turn each session into a path to greater creativity, mindfulness, and expression. Let the unique, echoing tones relax the mind and transport you to your happy place. This dynamic instrument promotes learning, imagination, and skill development in a calming way.

What’s Included

– 12 inch steel tongue drum with 13 notes

– Protective canvas carrying case with shoulder strap

– 2 wooden drumsticks

– Drummstick holder that attaches to drum

– Sheet music booklet with beginner tips and songs

– 6 finger pads for comfortable hand drumming

– 2 stickers to mark notes for learning


– Drum Diameter: 12 inches

– Drum Depth: 3 inches

– Drum Weight: 2 pounds

– Note Range: C4-D5

– Number of Notes: 13

– Materials: Carbon alloy steel, wood

Bring the therapeutic properties of music into your daily life with the ZXZYHFTY Steel Tongue Drum. It’s the ideal instrument for recreation, relaxation, meditation, creativity, and expanding your musical horizons. The quality materials and included accessories empower drummers of all levels to immerse themselves in rhythmic tranquility.


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