FONESO Studio Isolation Pads – Optimize Your Studio Sound with High-Density Acoustic Foam Speaker Stands




Get professional studio sound quality right at home with the FONESO Studio Isolation Pads. These high-density acoustic foam monitor stands help absorb vibration, echo, and excess resonance to give your audio equipment the clarity and precision needed for audio engineering and music production.

Engineered for Crystal Clear Audio

The FONESO isolation pads are constructed using engineered acoustic foam that reduces unwanted reverberation and dampens excess noise. The angled design lifts your studio monitors to the optimal position for dispersing clear, accurate audio frequencies. Let your speakers perform at their best without vibration interference.

Compatible With All Studio Monitors

Suitable for monitors 5 inches and under. Works with virtually any studio monitor, subwoofer, loudspeaker or bookshelf speaker from top brands like Yamaha, KRK, JBL, Mackie and more. Experience studio quality sound whether you’re recording, mixing, or just listening.

Easy 5-Angle Adjustment

The two-piece foam stands allow you to adjust the angle in 5 different positions to direct the sound perfectly. Simply slide the base pad and tilt the angle wedge for optimized audio dispersion. Get the best acoustics tailored to your studio setup.

Premium Density Acoustic Foam

Constructed from lab-tested high-density polyurethane foam that absorbs excess acoustics efficiently. The acoustic foam is precisely engineered to stabilize monitors, dampen vibration, and reduce noise for clear natural bass and crisp treble.

Studio Sound Acoustics in Any Space

Elevate the audio production capabilities of home studios, rehearsal spaces, vocal booths, media rooms and more. The isolation pads create a professional listening environment in any room so you can mix, edit, record, and listen like a pro.

Easy Open-Box Setup

Comes as a set of 2 monitor stands ready to use out of the box. Just unpack, position the base pad, angle the wedge, and place your studio monitors on top. Adjust the foam pads until you achieve optimal muffled acoustics.

Maximum Performance from Studio Monitors

Unwanted vibration and excess resonance can hinder the sound quality of studio monitors. The FONESO isolation pads minimize acoustic interference so your monitors perform to their full potential. Get accurate reference sound to make mixing and editing decisions.

Hear the Precision in Your Mixes

When sound reflects off hard surfaces like walls, floors, and desks, it creates irregular reverb that obscures detail. The acoustic foam absorbs stray sound waves so you hear intricate details clearly to make nuanced audio balancing decisions.

Consistent Sound for Reliable Mixing

Fluctuating acoustics due to ambient noise and reflective surfaces introduce variables into audio engineering. The isolation pads create a consistent sonic environment for reliable reference listening when mixing, mastering, and sound editing.

Unhindered Low-End Performance

Studio monitor vibration disrupts accurate bass reproduction resulting in muddy, indistinct low frequencies. The foam stands decouple monitors from the surface to allow subwoofers and woofers to push air freely for tight, defined bass tones.

Key Features

  • Set of 2 acoustic foam monitor isolation pads
  • Absorbs excess resonance and dampens vibration
  • Creates accurate audio environment for mixing/mastering
  • Allows studio monitors to perform optimally
  • Compatible with monitors 5 inches and under
  • Angled design directs sound dispersion
  • Easy open-box setup, no assembly needed

Elevate Your Audio Engineering

Hear the nuances in your music with the FONESO Studio Isolation Pads. The acoustic engineering provides professional studio acoustics in home and project studios. Isolate your monitors from interference and get accurate sound reproduction to take your mixing skills to the next level.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our studio monitor stands. If you are not completely satisfied, return within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

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