FZONE P4 Personal In-Ear Monitor Amplifier – Hear Yourself Clearly During Band Practice and Gigs


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As a musician, being able to hear your instrument or vocals over thestage mix is crucial. The FZONE P4 in-ear monitor amplifier provides a personalized monitoring system that cuts through the blend of drums, guitars, and vocals.

With the P4 clipped to your belt or guitar strap, you can finetune the stereo/mono signal directly to your ears. No more struggling to hear your own sound above the band! This compact yet powerful headphoneamp is a must-have for practice sessions, church gigs, bars, open mics, or anystage performance.

XLR/TRS Combo Inputs

The P4 monitor amp features two combo jacks for connecting your instrument, mic, or the soundboard feed. Each input accepts either XLR or 1/4″ TRS cables to accommodate both low and high impedance signals.

Securing cables is easy with the integrated cable locks. The metal housing around each XLR input prevents accidental unplugging if the cable gets tugged onstage. Just insert and twist to safely lock in place.

Stereo/Mono Switching

A toggle on the front panel lets you choose between stereo or collapsing into amono mix. Stereo mode keeps channels separated for a clear left/right distinction in each ear. Mono sums both inputs into one combined signal.

Mono mode is especially helpful for vocalists to hear their mic’d voice centered in the mix. It also works for setups where one input is your instrument and the other is the full band mix.

Volume & Balance Controls

Independent volume knobs give you fingertip control over the two input channels. Just reach down and turn the knobs to perfectly dial in each source in your in-ears. Separate controls ensure balanced levels between your vocals, guitar, keyboards, etc.

The balance control pans between left and right to center specific instruments or vocals in your headphone mix. With the P4, you can create a personalized sound you want to hear on stage.

12+ Hours of Battery Life

The P4 in-ear monitor amp is powered by just two AAA batteries for extreme portability. On a fresh pair of alkalines, you’ll get over 12 hours of outstanding performance. The low voltage requirements mean no AC power cords or external battery packs to worry about.

The front LED indicates the battery level so you know when it’s time to swap in fresh ones. The P4 keeps the music and your monitoring going all gig long!

Durable Aluminum Alloy Housing

The lightweight aluminum shell protects the amplifier components from bumps, drops, and flexing. The all-metal casing ensures the P4 keeps performing consistently despite the rough treatment of transport and stage use.

The compact, rectangular profile takes up little space on your belt or guitar strap. Just clip on the P4 and forget it’s there until you need to adjust your live mix.

Designed with Musicians in Mind

FZONE created the P4 personal monitor amp specifically for the challenges musicians face hearing themselves on stage. Simple controls, impressive volume, and premium construction come together in a device that fits seamlessly into your gigging routine.

Serious musicians need serious tools, and the P4 delivers:

– Locking XLR/TRS combo jacks prevent cables from disconnecting
– 12+ hours of battery for the longest gigs
– Stereo/mono modes to optimize your in-ear mix
– Volume & balance knobs are quick to access and adjust
– Durable metal housing for protection and reliability

For guitarists, bassists, drummers, pianists, vocalists, and more, the P4 is the in-ear monitoring solution you’ve been missing.

Hear Your Sound Clearly During Practice and Performances

Trying to hear your vocals or instrument over booming stage monitors can throw off your timing and pitch. It’s a constant battle that leads to mistakes. With the FZONE P4 in-ear monitor amplifier, take control over your own mix.

Dial in the perfect blend of your instrument and backing tracks. Eliminate the frustrating struggle to hear yourself in the band. The P4 lets you focus on your playing rather than fighting poor stage sound.

Every member of the band can benefit from personal monitoring. Contact FZONE today to upgrade your monitoring setup starting at just £XX.XX!


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