Gearlux 100ft DMX Cable – High Quality DMX512 Lighting Control Cable


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Take control of your lighting setup with the Gearlux 100ft DMX Cable. This heavy-duty cable connects your DMX lighting controller to your stage lights, allowing you to easily program dynamic lighting effects for your next show.

Rugged and Durable Construction

The Gearlux DMX cable is built tough to withstand the rigors of touring and fixed installations. It features high quality metal connectors and flexible PVC jacket that stands up to repeated coiling, bending, and pulling. The oxygen-free copper conductors ensure optimal data transfer with minimal signal loss over long cable runs.

Smooth and Reliable Data Transmission

With rugged metal 3-pin XLR connectors on each end, the Gearlux DMX cable provides a secure, interference-free link between your lighting controller and fixtures. The connectors feature strain relief and triple gold-plated contacts for optimal conductivity. Overall cable capacitance is kept low for long transmission distances without signal degradation.

Plug and Play Convenience

Connecting DMX lighting has never been easier thanks to the Gearlux DMX512 cable. Just plug one end into your lighting controller DMX output, and the other end into the first lighting fixture’s DMX input. Additional fixtures can be daisy chained without loss of control signal. Compatible with all major DMX512 lighting controllers and fixtures.

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 100 feet
  • Connectors: 3-pin XLR male to female
  • Conductor: 2x 22AWG stranded tinned copper
  • Shielding: Aluminum mylar foil + 95% tinned copper braid
  • Jacket: Flexible PVC
  • Current Rating: 1 Amp
  • Max. Devices per Segment: 32

Designed for Reliability

With heavy-duty construction and top-notch components, the Gearlux DMX cable is built to go the distance. Count on reliably smooth data flow for flawless lighting control, show after show. The lifetime warranty provides peace of mind.

Take Your Lighting Designs to the Next Level

Unlock the full potential of your DMX lighting rig with the Gearlux 100ft DMX512 cable. Take complete control over complex lighting scenes, chase sequences, and dynamic effects to create unforgettable lighting atmospheres. With rugged reliability and plug-and-play simplicity, Gearlux DMX cable removes limitations so you can focus on creativity.


The Gearlux DMX512 cable is broadly compatible with all standard DMX512 lighting equipment including:

  • DMX lighting consoles and controllers
  • Moving heads, wash lights, spot lights
  • LED par cans, blinders
  • Dimmers, relay packs
  • Smoke machines, hazers
  • And any other device using a 3-pin XLR DMX input

DMX512 Lighting Control Overview

DMX512 is an industry standard protocol for digital lighting control. It allows centralized control of lighting fixtures, dimmers, special effects, and more from a lighting console or controller. DMX allows programming of static looks and dynamic chase effects with precise control over multiple parameters per fixture such as pan, tilt, color, gobo, intensity, and more. With 512 control channels per DMX universe, it’s flexible enough for small to large scale lighting installations.

DMX512 uses low voltage differential signaling over XLR cables for noise rejection and reliability. Standard DMX cable runs use 5-pin XLR connectors, however many fixtures and accessories use 3-pin XLR for a more compact form factor. The Gearlux DMX512 cable uses rugged metal 3-pin XLR connectors to create a robust signal link between controller and lights.

Buy with Confidence

Gearlux DMX cable is backed by a lifetime warranty and US-based customer support. Buy now to take your lighting design to the next level!


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