Geekria Durable Travel Case for Zoom G1X FOUR Guitar Multi-Effects Processor




Take your Zoom G1X FOUR guitar multi-effects processor on the road with complete protection thanks to the Geekria hard shell travel case. Specifically designed for the Zoom G1X FOUR, B1X FOUR, and A1X FOUR, this case shields your effects pedal from damage while traveling.

The durable EVA hard shell guards against scratches, dust, shocks, and water. The 3.5″ thickness gives ample padding to keep your pedal safe from bumps and drops. Interior straps and foam cushioning hold the G1X FOUR firmly in place during transport.

Stay organized on the go with the built-in accessory pouch inside the lid. Store cables, power adapters, and other small items in the mesh pocket. Carry the case comfortably thanks to the sturdy handle, and rest assured your Zoom multi-effects processor has a protective shield.


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