GKW Bb Clarinet – An Intermediate Student Model Crafted for Easy Playing and Beautiful Sound


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The GKW Bb clarinet is specially designed to help aspiring clarinetists transition smoothly across the troublesome break while producing rich, projecting tones ideal for school bands. Crafted by GKW Music, an educator-founded company with over 20 years of experience nurturing young musicians.

Made from durable, quality materials, this Bb clarinet withstands regular school use. The 17-key, 6-ring configuration allows for a seamless crossover between clarion and altissimo registers. GKW’s thoughtful key-work design minimizes the break and supports students as they advance their skills.

Nurtures Proper Technique and Embouchure

With excellent intonation and tone, this clarinet rewards students for good technique. The carefully crafted bore, barrel, and mouthpiece help young players develop a proper embouchure from the start. Students will love the full, rich sound they can achieve with practice.

The nickel-plated keys are padded with durable fish skin, ensuring smooth action across the break. Adjustable thumb rest supports proper hand position. Durable construction stands up to daily use. An instrument that grows with students through their school band years.

Easy to Play Across Break

Crossing the break is one of the most challenging parts of learning the clarinet. GKW’s professional quality key-work minimizes the break, helping students concentrate on playing beautifully.

The clarion and altissimo registers are seamlessly linked, allowing for slurring across the ranges. Notes speak easily with good tone and intonation. Students gain confidence swiftly navigating this notoriously difficult transition.

Quality Materials for Outstanding Performance

– African blackwood body provides stability, resonance, and durability

– Nickel-plated keys won’t tarnish or stick

– Fish skin pads create an excellent seal for quick, smooth action

– Adjustable thumb rest suits all hand sizes

– Mouthpiece and ligature optimized for student embouchures

– Comes with quality cork grease, gloves, cleaning cloth, and case


– Key: Bb
– 17 keys, 6 rings
– Level: Intermediate student
– Body material: African blackwood
– Keys: Nickel plated
– Pads: Fish skin
– Includes case, care supplies

A Superb Student Clarinet from GKW Music

GKW leverages over 20 years of musical education expertise to support the next generation of clarinetists. This thoughtfully designed Bb clarinet helps students navigate the break while building solid technique and tone. Durable construction withstands school band use for years of music making.

Nurture your student’s musical journey with this quality, intermediate clarinet from GKW. Its rich, warm sound and easy playability will inspire them to practice and excel.


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