GLS Audio Premium XLR Male to Female Patch Cables – Heavy Duty 2ft Snake Cords for Recording Equipment and Stage – 6 Pack


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GLS Audio Patch Cables: The Professional Choice for Audio Hookups

Serious musicians and audio engineers know that high quality cables make all the difference for great sound. That’s why GLS Audio patch cables are the professional’s choice for hooking up mixers, mics, speakers, amps, and other audio gear.

These premium XLR male to female patch cables are built to deliver pristine, noise-free signal transfer in recording studios, live stages, AV setups, and anywhere pro-level connectivity is needed. The heavy-duty cables come in a pack of six 2 foot cords in assorted colors.

Built for Clarity & Durability
GLS Audio patch cables are carefully constructed using quality components that provide clean, balanced audio signal transfer. The flexible rubber jacket shields against interference while the specially designed strain reliefs reduce stress and prevent cracks.

Each cable contains two 21 gauge copper conductors and a braided shield. This creates a true lo-Z balanced connection that eliminates noise and crosstalk even with long cable runs. The result is crystal clear audio perfect for critical listening applications.

The sturdy build quality withstands frequent plugging/unplugging and heavy use. These pro-grade patch cords hold up to years of use from tour to studio without compromising sound quality.

Convenient Identification
No more tracing cables mid-session! The color-coded cords make it easy to identifyhookups at a glance. The pack includes cables in red, blue, green, yellow, orange and violet. Use colors to designate channels, instruments, aux sends, or organize any audio setup.

Universal Compatibility
GLS Audio patch cables work with all XLR-equipped mixers, snakes, amplifiers, processors, speakers and other balanced audio gear. The standard XLR ends easily connect mics, DI boxes, crossovers, effects units and more. No adapters needed!

Whether you’re wiring up the studio, hooking stage amps to the PA, or running the soundboard, these quality patch cords handle any professional audio application. Use them to replace old crusty cables and upgrade your connections.

Built to Last
GLS Audio patch cables are engineered using tried and true designs refined over decades to be robust, stable, and sonically accurate. The heavy PVC jacket and molded strain relief ends stand up to thousands of flexes and plug insertions without cracking.

Each cable undergoes rigorous testing and quality control checks before leaving GLS. The durable copper conductors maintain signal integrity over years of use for consistent high quality audio. Pick up GLS Audio patch cables for reliable performance cable after cable.

Organize Your Hookups
Now you can color code and organize any audio, lighting, video, or DJ setup quickly and easily. Lay cables neatly along the stage and identify mix channels, amp lines, and snake runs at a glance. The colorful cords help streamline complex cabling in recording studios.

For home studios, label each cord by instrument or mic. Live sound engineers can assign colors to designate specific cable routes or stage areas. Use them anywhere you need high quality XLR patch cables.

Get the GLS Audio advantage! Pick up this pro patch cable pack and make easy professional hookups anywhere quality balanced connections matter.


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