GNB Tiptop Audio Stackcable Eurorack Patch Cable – 50cm


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Organize your Eurorack modular synthesizer with the 50cm Stackcable patch cable from Tiptop Audio. This yellow 3.5mm patch cable neatly stacks and routes audio and CV signals between modules.

Stackable Eurorack Patch Cable

The Stackcable features a right-angle TS connector on one end and a straight TS connector on the other. This allows multiple Stackcables to stack vertically or horizontally for a tidy cable setup. No more tangled birds nests of cables. The bright yellow jacket gives high visibility.

Compatible with Popular Eurorack Modules

This 50cm (approximately 20 inch) patch cable is commonly used for connecting Eurorack modules like oscillators, filters, sequencers, effects, and more. Suitable for popular modular brands including Make Noise, Intellijel, Mutable Instruments, and many others.

Single Core Signal Wire

The Stackcable uses a single core signal wire rather than twisted multi-core wires. This prevents cable crosstalk that can introduce noise. The result is clean audio and CV signal transfer between your modules.

Gold-Plated Contacts

The patch cable connectors feature gold-plated contacts for good conductivity and corrosion resistance. The gold-plating helps maintain a clean contact surface for reliable connections.

Flexible, Durable Cable

This patch cable uses a thin, flexible wire that’s easy to manipulate into place. The cable offers good tensile strength and won’t deform from bending. Heat-shrunk strain relief gives added durability.

Secure Locking Connectors

The connectors utilize a locking tab design that clicks securely into module patch ports. This prevents accidental disconnections during use for uninterrupted signal flow.

Sleek Black Connector Housing

The straight and right-angle connector housings are made from sturdy black ABS plastic. This matches the finish of many popular Eurorack modules for a sleek, integrated look.

Tiptop Audio Quality

Designed and manufactured by Tiptop Audio, a leading maker of Eurorack gear. Stackcables are built to Tiptop’s stringent quality standards for solid performance.

Keep Your Modular Tidy

De-clutter your modular synthesizer with the Stackcable. Create organized patch cable runs that look clean and professional. Claim your Eurorack’s wild cables with this civilizing patch cable solution!

Order the 50cm Stackcable today and treat your Eurorack to streamlined patching convenience.


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