Harmony Case Heavy Duty Transport Dolly Plate for Road Gear


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Hit the road ready to roll with the Harmony Case HCWAD dolly transport plate. This heavy-duty dolly provides a sturdy, portable platform for securely moving amplifiers, speakers, rack cases, and other bulky gear from venue to venue.

Built Tough for Touring Musicians

The HCWAD dolly is built from thick, reinforced aluminum designed to handle hundreds of pounds. This rugged metal construction and oversized 3.5” wheels can handle the roughest roads and venues without fail. Designed with input from touring musicians, the dolly focuses on delivering reliable performance night after night.

Oversized Wheels Roll Over Anything

Smooth-rolling 3.5 inch wheels easily traverse uneven terrain, small cracks, thresholds, and even stairs. The large surface area handles rolling over debris that would stop smaller casters. You’ll be able to load gear in and have confidence you can get it to the stage no matter what. The wheels even work great outside on gravel or grass.

Locking Brakes for Secure Parking

Each wheel incorporates a simple foot brake to keep the loaded dolly securely in place. Engage the brakes when loading/unloading and your gear stays put. No more chasing runaway dollies across parking lots or downhill. The brakes also prevent rollback on ramps when loading in and out of trailers.

Strong Enough for 500+ Pounds

This transport dolly features a rock solid design capable of handling over 500 pounds of equipment. Bolt heavy speaker cabs, amp stacks or an entire rack system onto the 23.75” x 20.5” platform. The 1/4” thick aluminum deck includes multiple equipment mounting holes to securely bolt down your road cases.

Comfortable Controlled Maneuverability

A sturdy extended handle allows easy steering and control when moving full gear loads. The handle height removes strain on your back compared to platforms without a handle. Easily direct the dolly around obstacles unlike unwieldy 4-wheel carts. The rubber grip also provides a comfortable, slip-free surface.

Compact and Portable

The HCWAD folds down for transport and storage when not in use. The slim 5.5” height lets the empty platform tuck away under vehicle seats or in gear compartments. It unfolds in seconds when it’s time to load up amps and head to the next gig. Weighing just 14 pounds, it’s easy to load in and out of vehicles.

Make Your Life Easier

Stop struggling withheavy, awkward gear and renting carts that don’t fit your needs. Get the purpose-built HCWAD dolly designed by touring pros to maximize efficiency and minimize effort. You can focus on your music instead of fighting with your equipment. Order today and take the pain out of loading/unloading on your next tour.


– Durable aluminum construction
– 23.75″ x 20.5″ platform
– Holds over 500 pounds
– Integrated equipment mounting holes
– 3.5” oversized wheels
– Smooth-rolling casters
– Individual wheel brakes
– Reinforced extended handle
– Folds for storage and transport
– 14 pound lightweight design

Designed for:

– Touring Bands
– Mobile DJs
– Production Companies
– Equipment Rental Houses
– Audio Professionals
– Schools & Institutions
– Churches & Houses of Worship


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