HBU 10 Feet Pack of 2 SpeakOn to XLR Cables – Reliable Audio Transmission for DJs, Studios, Live Events


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Experience clear, dynamic sound transmission with the HBU 10 foot SpeakOn to XLR audio cable 2-pack. Designed for connecting powered speakers, amplifiers, and other pro audio equipment, these premium cables allow your audio signal to flow freely without compromising quality.

Oxygen-Free Copper for Interference-Free Sound

At the core of these SpeakOn to XLR cables lies high-purity oxygen free copper conductors. The copper has been specially treated to remove oxygen traces, reducing impedance and allowing audio signals to travel through the cable cleanly and accurately. Expect crisp treble, accurate midrange, and deep tight bass when you use these cables in your rig.

SpeakOn and XLR Connectors for Secure Hookup

Connecting your equipment is easy and secure thanks to the SpeakOn and XLR connectors on each cable. The SpeakOn end features a rugged twist-lock design that clicks firmly into powered speakers and prevents accidental disconnection even on a dark stage. The 3-pin XLR end connects to mixers, amplifiers, and other balanced XLR equipment with a satisfying click. Gold-plated contacts ensure optimal signal transfer between your gear.

Durable and Flexible for Repeated Use

While the insulation feels soft and flexible, these cables are made to last. The high-impact PVC jacket stands up to being twisted, pulled, and stepped on without cracking or deforming. And the contacts are rated for temperatures from -30°C to 80°C, enabling flawless performance whether you’re playing a frigid outdoor festival or a sweltering summer block party.

Compatible with Your Pro Audio Gear

Thanks to the versatile SpeakOn and XLR connectors, these cables interface seamlessly with various types of equipment. Use them to connect powered PA speakers to a mixing board at a live gig. Run mic signals from a stage box to your recording interface in the studio. Or hook up your rackmount power amps to passive monitor speakers in your rehearsal space. Wherever balanced audio connections are required, these cables will handle the job admirably.

Technical Specifications

– Length: 10 feet each
– Connectors: SpeakOn male to 3-pin XLR female
– Copper core: 16 AWG oxygen-free copper
– Cable jacket: Flexible PVC

Take Your Sound to the Next Level

Elevate your audio rig with the clarity and reliability of these SpeakOn to XLR patch cables. The oxygen-free copper conductors and robust construction ensure noise-free transfer of audio signals, while the professional connectors provide secure hookup time after time. Order the HBU 10 foot SpeakOn to XLR cable 2-pack today and hear what your system is truly capable of.


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