Ibanez JSM100VT John Scofield Signature Electric Guitar


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The Ibanez JSM100VT John Scofield Signature Electric Guitar brings the iconic jazz tones of John Scofield to your hands. This professional-grade instrument combines incredible playability with Scofield’s signature sound.

Legendary Jazz Tones

John Scofield is one of the most influential jazz guitarists of the past 50 years. Known for his aggressive playing style and genre-bending improvisations, Scofield has crafted a signature sound on recordings like Blue Matter, Uberjam, and A Go Go. The JSM100VT embodies Scofield’s vintage jazz tones with custom appointments approved by the master himself.

JSM Prestige Neck

The JSM Prestige neck gives you the thin, fast feel essential for jazz improvisation and bebop lines. Its smooth satin finish allows your hand to glide up and down the ebony fingerboard with ease. Medium stainless steel frets give you enhanced durability and vibration transfer. The neck is carved from maple and reinforced with a graphite rod for increased stability under intense playing.

Flamed Maple Top, Back & Sides

The flamed maple top, back, and sides produce a beautifully resonant warm tone enriched with wood grain aesthetics. Under stage lights, the AA-grade maple reveals an eye-catching depth and 3D chatoyance that makes the JSM100VT a true work of art.

Super 58 Neck Pickup

The Super 58 neck pickup takes its inspiration from ‘50s PAF humbuckers. With enhanced clarity in the highs and tight low mids, it delivers the rich, singing tone vintage jazz guitars are known for. The alnico V magnets, aged maple housing and special winding balance articulate note separation with full-bodied jazz warmth.

Gibraltar II Bridge

The Gibraltar II bridge pairs perfectly with the Super 58 pickup. Its massive sustain and resonance let your notes bloom with acoustic elegance. Intonation adjustments have zero impact on the tension or playing feel – a welcome upgrade for seasoned jazz musicians. The bridge also features adjustable string spacing, so you can customize the feel to your picking technique.

Premium Appointments

True to John Scofield’s preferences, the JSM100VT is equipped with top-tier components to inspire confidence and comfort.

The smooth satin neck allows for lightning fast runs, while medium stainless steel frets provide increased durability without compromising buttery playability.

Premium die-cast tuning machines keep the JSM100VT in tune through long gigs and marathon practice sessions.

Gold hardware and vine inlays on the ebony fingerboard give the JSM100VT an iconic, luxurious aesthetic.

Gotoh T120 rear-locking tremolo unlocks Scofield-approved whammy bar performance for warbling chords and expressive embellishments.

Designed for Jazz Players

Ibanez crafted the JSM100VT specifically for jazz virtuosos inspired by John Scofield’s music. With its thin, fast neck, singing midrange tone, and premium appointments, the JSM100VT gives you the feel and sound of a professional jazz box. Let your improvisations sing and inspire awe with the Ibanez JSM100VT John Scofield Signature model.


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