ibasenice 16 Pack Guitar Effect Footswitch Pedal Buttons – Universal Electric Guitar Tools and Replacement Parts


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Step on these high-quality mini footswitch pedals from ibasenice to engage effects, control your amp, or make quick preset changes on stage. This convenient 16 pack provides versatile stompbox style control for guitarists who want rugged reliability in a compact form factor.

The durable epoxy resin and PA66 plastic housing withstands stomping and stage use for long term performance. Each pedal features a standard 1/4″ jack and utilizes a soft-touch momentary switch to avoid accidental triggering.

Whether you need to add control capabilities to your pedalboard or replace worn out footswitches on your amplifiers and effects, this set has you covered.

Built Tough for Live Performance

Gigging musicians need gear that can withstand night after night of stomping and stage use. These pedals feature a molded construction that holds up to rugged use and road travel.

The epoxy resin resists cracks and fractures while providing electrical insulation for safe operation. The textured pedal surface also gives you sure footing on stage.

The internal momentary switch uses a soft rubber pad that provides a nice tactile response each time you engage the pedal. This prevents accidental triggering from vibrations or brushing against the pedals.

Universal Electric Guitar Accessory

This set of 16 footswitches makes an excellent addition to any guitarist’s toolkit. They can be used to control a wide range of amplifiers and effects pedals.

Use them in your pedalboard to engage distortion, phasers, wah, and other stompbox effects. You can set up instant toggling between verse and chorus tones.

Plug them into your guitar amp to switch channels, enable effects loops, or activate boosts and other built-in amp features.

The compact size takes up minimal space on your pedalboard. Just connect your 1/4″ patch cables from the footswitch inputs to the amp or pedal control jacks.

Replace Worn Out Parts and Repair Valuable Gear

Over years of use, the footswitch buttons on amplifiers and effects pedals can wear out or break. These pedals make it easy to replace faulty footswitches to get your gear working like new again.

No more dealing with crackling switches, pressing repeatedly to engage an effect, or dead switches that leave you unable to control your tone. Just solder these quality footswitches in place of worn out parts and restore full functionality.

Skip the hassle and expense of taking gear to a repair shop. These switches use standard SPST momentary contacts for plug and play installation.

Compact and Convenient On-Stage Control

The small footprint of these footswitches saves precious space on your pedalboard compared to larger stompboxes. You can easily arrange multiple footswitches side by side to enable various effects.

The textured surface and raised bump give you a clear tactile indicator of switch position – ideal for stage use where you can’t see the pedals under your feet. No more accidentally double tapping or missing switches in the dark.

Dial in tones quickly and precisely mid-song without taking your hands off the guitar. Step on switches seamlessly as part of your performance rather than bending down constantly to adjust knobs.

Take control of your guitar’s sound right from your feet with this set of 16 mini footswitches from ibasenice!


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