ibasenice 5-Pack Guitar Pedal Toppers – Colorful Pedal Caps for Effect Pedals


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Make your effect pedals stand out on stage and protect your feet with this 5-pack of colorful pedal toppers from ibasenice. These textured pedal caps slip securely onto your existing stompbox knobs to amplify your style.

Protect Your Feet in Style

No more stubbing toes on sharp pedal corners! These soft rubber caps cushion your foot when activating effects. The textured tread provides grip, so your foot won’t slip off the pedals during an intense solo. Protect your feet while adding a burst of color to your pedalboard.

Easy Push-On Installation

Installing these pedal toppers takes just seconds. Simply push down firmly on each knob cap to secure it over your existing knobs. The stretchy rubber material fits snugly in place. Enjoy peace of mind knowing these caps won’t easily dislodge.

Super Grippy Texture

The treaded pattern on the caps allows your foot to grip the pedals better. Even in smooth-soled shoes, your foot won’t slide around. Experience much more control and stability when activating wah, overdrive, chorus, and other effects.

Bold, Vibrant Colors

Choose from 5 lively colors including orange, green, blue, purple, and red. Use them to color code your modulation, overdrive, delay, and other pedals. Or create fun patterns and designs across your pedalboard. With 5 brilliant colors, you can customize your pedals to match your style.

Protect Knobs from Scuffs

The soft rubber construction also keeps your delicate stompbox knobs safe from dings and scuffs. Heavy use can damage the knobs and knurling over time. These protective caps absorb impact while adding a pop of color.

Locate Pedals Fast On Stage

During live performances, brightly colored pedal toppers help you locate effects faster. With bold hues on every stompbox, you can engage the right pedals without taking your eyes off the audience.

Compatible with Most Pedals

These universal knob covers stretch to fit most guitar pedal knobs. They securely attach to standard knob sizes including both large and small knobs. The caps measure 2.4cm in diameter and 1.2cm tall to envelop most pedal knobs.

Durable Rubber Construction

Made from flexible thermoplastic rubber, these pedal caps are built to handle stomping day after day. The rugged material holds up to repeated use without damage. The textured surface hides scuffs and cuts better than smooth plastic caps.

Customize Your Pedalboard

With a set of 5 colorful caps, you can customize your pedalboard to match your style. Spread them out or group caps together. Use them to highlight your most used pedals. With versatile colors, the design options are limitless.

Great for All Skill Levels

Whether you’re a pro guitarist or just learning, these pedal caps enhance your pedalboard setup. Protect toes and beautify pedals at any skill level. Their bright colors make effects easier to see and use on stage.

Mix and Match Colors

With a 5-pack, you get one cap of each color. Mix and match the vibrant tones to create unique color patterns. Or use different colors to designate pedal types like overdrive, modulation, delay, and more.

Visual Style on a Budget

Get more visibility on stage without breaking the bank. These inexpensive pedal caps make effects pop visually. Just slip them on without any permanent modifications. Enjoy eye-catching style that’s easy to remove.

Great for Acoustic Players

Even with quieter acoustic rigs, these caps enhance visibility. Their protection prevents painful missteps on your delicate bare feet. Bright colors help locate reverb and chorus pedals easily.

Spice Up Your Pedalboard

Tired of looking at the same old plain pedals? Liven up your pedalboard with colorful caps from ibasenice. Their bold hues energize your rig’s style. With secure grip and foot protection, they go beyond cosmetics alone.

Don’t settle for dull, generic pedals. Choose from 5 vibrant colors to customize your pedalboard with ibasenice’s pedal toppers. Protect your feet in eye-catching style at an affordable price.


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