ibasenice Acoustic Guitar Pickup Set – 3 Pieces Soundhole Pickups for Acoustic Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Violin




Elevate your acoustic performances with this 3-piece acoustic guitar pickup set from ibasenice. Designed to capture the true resonant tone of your acoustic instrument, these contact pickups install in seconds to amplify your sound on stage or in the studio.

The set contains three interchangeable pickups – a single coil, stacked humbucker, and dual coil. Each pickup delivers a slightly different tone so you can tailor your amplified sound. Just choose the pickup that brings out the nuances you want to highlight.

Installing the pickups is quick and easy thanks to the bayonet mount design. No modifications to your instrument required! The pickup attaches securely into the soundhole without any tools. All cables are included so you can plug and play on any amplifier or PA system.

Take your acoustic tone further with ibasenice. This pickup set is ideal for guitarists, violinists, ukulele players, and more. Order today to amplify your sound!

Key Features:

  • Set of 3 Interchangeable Active Contact Pickups
  • Single Coil, Stacked Humbucker & Dual Coil Options
  • Bayonet Mount Installs in Soundhole Without Modifications
  • Onboard Preamp and Volume Control
  • Powered by 9V Battery or 9V DC Adapter (Not Included)

Interchangeable Pickups

Most acoustic pickups only give you one sound option. But with this 3-piece set, you get tonal variety to suit different songs, styles, and performance needs.

The single coil pickup produces a balanced tone that highlights the bright, crisp high end of your acoustic. It’s great for fingerpicking and light strumming. The stacked humbucker delivers a warmer, fuller tone perfect for capturing the low-mid resonance. And the dual coil option offers an even richer sound with boosted lows and smooth highs.

Each pickup installs in seconds into the soundhole so you can swap them at a moment’s notice. Find the right voice to express your musical vision.

Quick Bayonet Installation

Dealing with messy installations that require permanent modifications? Not with this pickup set. The bayonet mount design allows fast attachment and removal with no tools required.

Just line up the mounting bracket with the notch in the pickup casing. Insert the pickup into your soundhole and twist it 90 degrees. It instantly locks into place securely. Run the cable through the soundhole and you’re ready to amplify your tone.

Whenever you need to change pickups or remove it, simply twist 90 degrees again to unlock and pull it out. The installation is completely reversible with no lasting changes to your instrument.

Onboard Controls

A built-in preamp gives you tonal control right from the pickup. The easy-access volume knob lets you adjust your output level. Dial in the perfect amount of gain for your amplifier to prevent unwanted feedback.

Power the preamp with a standard 9V battery or any 9V DC power adapter. The battery compartment is built into the control casing for quick swaps when needed. The pickup will function unpowered, but with lower output.

Take charge of your amplified acoustic sound with the onboard preamp. No need for outboard EQs or effects to get great tone.

Performance Ready

Hassle-free amplification is just 60 seconds away. As soon as you install the pickup, plug the 1/4″ output into your favorite acoustic guitar amp or PA system. Cables and connectors are included in the box so you can play right out of the package.

The flexible silicon cable allows you to comfortably move around on stage without worrying about cable noise. The steel mesh strain relief protects against cable damage and accidental unplugging.

With quality components and smart design, this pickup set was engineered for the needs of performing acoustic musicians. Take your show to the next level!

For All Acoustics

While designed for acoustic guitars, these pickups can be used to amplify any acoustic instrument. Install one on your violin to project your sound over the orchestra. Ukulele players can plug into an amp for that true Hawaiian sound. Even amplify your banjo for your next bluegrass gig.

The contact pickup design captures the vibrations directly from the top wood for the most authentic acoustic tone. Let your natural acoustic voice shine through in amplified performances.

Order the ibasenice 3-piece acoustic pickup set now to step up your amplified acoustic performances. The complete package with easy installation and quality components makes it easier than ever to amplify your sound.


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