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Every guitarist knows the importance of a quality guitar pedal. The right effects pedal can take your guitar playing to the next level. But what good is an effects pedal without durable, responsive footswitches? ibasenice’s Guitar Pedal Button set provides guitarists with 5 high quality footswitches to use on their pedalboards. These sturdy metal buttons will withstand years of stomping while providing smooth, reliable switching for your gain, delay, modulation and other effects pedals.

Built To Last

All of the footswitches in this 5 pack are constructed from premium metals and materials designed for maximum longevity and performance. The buttons feature a rugged build that can stand up to even the most aggressive playing styles. Many plastic pedal switches can break down over time, leading to flaky behavior that disrupts your pedal’s operation. With ibasenice’s metal buttons, you can stomp worry-free knowing they were engineered for the rigors of stage and studio use.

Smooth, Reliable Switching

Each of these 2 pin buttons provides positive tactile feedback and smooth, consistent switching. The flexible internal contact design ensures reliable connectivity, pedal after pedal. Other switches may develop issues with flutter or signal cutting out – problems that can ruin a great solo or vocal effect. ibasenice’s switches maintain their responsiveness over thousands of stomps so you can concentrate on your playing and not your failing footswitches.

Standard 2 Pin Connection

These footswitches feature a universal 2 pin connection compatible with a wide range of guitar effects pedals. They can directly replace damaged or worn out buttons on pedals from brands like Boss, MXR, TC Electronic, EHX, and more. Installation only requires a Phillips head screwdriver – no soldering needed. Simply remove your old switch, connect the two pins, and secure the new button in place.

Versatile Switch Types

This set contains several switch types for use in diverse pedal and amp applications:

  • Toggle Switches – These on/off style switches maintain their setting when stomped. Perfect for switching modes on multi-effect pedals.
  • Momentary Switches – Only activate effects while held down. Ideal for volume pedals or momentary effects like talk boxes.
  • Digital Potentiometers – Adjustable multi-position switches for cycling through settings. Great for gain and EQ pedals.

Durable Metal Construction

ibasenice only uses high quality metals and alloys in their footswitches. The sturdy metal housing protects the internal switching components from dust and debris. This prevents deterioration over time for improved longevity compared to plastic switches. The metal also gives a reassuring “click” when stomped engaged so you know the effect has been triggered.

Customize Your Pedalboard

With 5 switches, you can upgrade several pedals or create a customized switch setup. Use the digital potentiometers for gain boosting or solo level control. Add momentary switches for talk box or swelling effects. Put toggle switches within easy reach to kick on modulation or delay effects on the fly. The possibilities are endless for what these professional grade switches allow you to do.

Evaluate Your Switch Needs

Before purchasing, it helps to evaluate your current pedalboard and determine where new switches are needed. Check for any unresponsive or intermittent switches that should be replaced. Consider where additional switches could give you more control options. Make a list of needs so you know exactly how to best utilize these 5 switches from ibasenice. Planning ahead ensures you get the footswitches that will improve your effects rig.

High Quality at a Fair Cost

Even with premium metal construction and pro-level performance, these ibasenice footswitches come at an affordable price. You get robust reliability without the premium cost of boutique switches. The set contains 5 switches to cover your essential effects pedal needs. For a very reasonable investment, you can take your existing pedalboard to the next level.

Get More Expression from Your Pedals

Don’t let worn out, unreliable footswitches limit your tone shaping abilities. With ibasenice’s Guitar Pedal Button set, you can restore smooth performance to your pedalboard. The strong metal construction and internal switching components will provide years of flawless service. Order your set today and experience the difference high quality footswitches make in your quest for ultimate tone and expression.


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