Isolate Your Sound with the 2Pack Speaker Isolation Pads – Custom Acoustic Treatment for Studio Monitors


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As an audio engineer or music producer, you know that noise, vibration, and echo can seriously muddy up your critical listening environment. Proper acoustic treatment is key to hearing the true nuances in your mixes.

That’s why these 2Pack Speaker Isolation Pads are a must-have for any home or professional studio setup. With their clever wedge design and high-density foam, they decouple your monitors from your desk to tighten lows, reveal detail, and reduce backlash.

Let’s look at how these isolation pads can take your monitoring accuracy to the next level.

Absorbs Vibrations to Prevent Unwanted Noise

Studio monitor rumble and excess boominess is often due to vibration transfer from your speakers to the surface they sit on. This causes sympathetic resonances that color your hearing.

The 2Pack Speaker Isolation Pads provide a high-density acoustic barrier between your monitors and your desk. The absorptive foam damps vibrations instead of letting them transmit. This eliminates resonance and tightens bass response.

You’ll hear more articulate lows, tighter transients, and an overall clearer representation of your mix. With less vibration noise, you can accurately assess and sculpt subtle frequency balances.

Angled Design Provides Proper Acoustic Decoupling

Proper decoupling is about more than just dampening vibrations. You also need to isolate the speaker from acoustic reflections off the surface below it.

The 2Pack Speaker Isolation Pads implement an angled wedge design to tilt your monitors and prevent sound waves from bouncing off your desk. This removes muddy clutter and relayed rumble from your monitoring signal path.

Each pad can be configured with different tilt settings to dial in ideal decoupling based on your room dynamics and speaker design. Find the angle that provides the cleanest transient response to hear your mixes as they truly sound.

Stable Platform Prevents Shifting During Critical Listening

The last thing you want when analyzing a complex mix is for your speaker to shift or slide as you adjust the volume. The isolation pads provide a sturdy rubber base that grips your work surface to keep your monitors firmly planted.

Built from durable high-density acoustic foam, each pad can hold up to 22 lbs without compressing or changing shape. You can crank up the volume with total confidence that your speakers will stay right where you positioned them.

Set your levels and positioning without worry of accidental nudges or vibrations throwing off your precision. The stable isolation pads become one with your desk so you can focus solely on evaluating your mix.

Safe Studio Material for Long-Term Use

You need acoustic treatment solutions that will maintain performance over years of use. Off-gassing, deterioration, and compression can degrade lesser quality foams.

The 2Pack Speaker Isolation Pads implement durable studio-grade acoustic foam rated for long-term professional use. The high-density fiber structure resists deterioration and fatigue over time.

The flame-retardant foam meets safety standards for use around sensitive equipment. An environmentally-friendly design means no chemical off-gassing that could potentially damage electronics.

Place these isolation pads in your ideal position once, and enjoy stable, non-degrading performance for the life of your monitors.

Universal Sizing for Any Desk Setup

With dimensions of 7.7″ x 11.75″ x 1.75″, these isolation pads provide a substantial surface area sized to fit most nearfield studio monitors and desktop speakers.

The 1.75 inch thickness delivers ample acoustic isolation for even large monitors while still allowing accessibility to rear panel ports and connections.

Whether you produce with Yamaha HS-8s or use KRK Rokits in your home studio, the 2Pack Speaker Isolation Pads have you covered. Their universal sizing makes dialing in your acoustic isolation easy.

Includes Two Pads for Stereo Imaging

Proper stereo imaging is crucial for mixing. Each of your monitors interacts with the room differently based on its position.

This 2-pack comes with left and right isolation pads so you can tune each monitor’s decoupling individually. Space them optimally for your setup without compromise.

Included are non-slip adhesive rubber feet to prevent pad shifting between listening sessions. Find your ideal imaging sweet spot, lock in the pads, and enjoy consistent monitoring every time you sit down to work.

Take Your Mixes from Muddled to Masterful

Don’t let vibration coupling and excess boom ruin your accuracy. Gain mixing clarity and detail with the 2Pack Speaker Isolation Pads.

Their specialized acoustic foam construction removes noise, tightens transients, and prevents backlash for next-level monitors decoupling.

Treat your ears to mixes as they were meant to be heard – pick up this high-performance 2-pack and isolate your sound today.


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