Jiayouy Stainless Steel Hoop Protector for Bass Drum Hoops


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Protect Your Bass Drum’s Wooden Hoop with a Sleek Metal Guard

Play with passion and keep your bass drum looking its best with the Jiayouy Stainless Steel Hoop Protector. This useful guard fits snugly over wooden bass drum hoops, preventing the inevitable scratches, dings, and wear that comes from clamping on your bass drum pedal.

Constructed from polished stainless steel, this hoop protector slides easily over your drum hoop and provides an elegantly protective metal barrier between the wood and your pedal clamp. Its sleek profile and stainless steel construction lends a touch of class to your bass drum’s appearance, while also keeping it looking pristine performance after performance.

Custom Fit for Bass Drum Hoops 14″ – 18″ in Diameter

This stainless steel hoop guard is designed to fit securely on bass drum hoops ranging from 14 inches up to 18 inches in diameter. It measures 10cm in length (or about 4 inches), providing plenty of coverage across your drum hoop’s surface. The width of 3cm (or 1.2 inches) is ideal for protecting the hoop while not obstructing the drumhead.

Each guard slides smoothly over the drum hoop thanks to its curved profile that matches the contour of the hoop. Once in place, a non-slip rubber pad on the interior side grips the drum securely. This prevents any sliding or rotation during play. The result is reliable protection exactly where you need it.

High Quality Stainless Steel Construction

The Jiayouy hoop protector is constructed from 304 stainless steel known for its excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The surface has a fine brushed finish that resists fingerprints and looks great on stage.

Stainless steel stands up to the rigors of touring and regular gigging. It won’t chip, peel, or degrade even after years of use. Just wipe it down occasionally to keep your bass drum looking factory fresh.

At just 1.3cm thick (about 0.5 inches), this guard adds only a minimal amount of weight to your drum. It’s thin profile keeps your pedal’s clamping force focused right where it should be – on the drumhead.

Protect Your Investment

If you’ve invested in a quality bass drum, you don’t want a worn-looking hoop to detract from its appearance. The Jiayouy hoop protector is an inexpensive way to keep your drum looking its best for years to come. No more worrying about scratched and dented hoops!

The sleek stainless steel builds on your drum’s natural beauty rather than covering it up. Its subtle elegance blends with your drum’s finishes and adds a hint of sophistication.

Easy to Install

Installing the hoop protector takes just seconds:

  • Remove your pedal clamp from the bass drum hoop.
  • Slide the protector over the drum hoop, lining up the open side with your pedal’s clamping area.
  • Position it so it fully covers the section of hoop that contacts your pedal.
  • Replace your pedal clamp over the protector and tighten it down.

That’s it! You’ll immediately see the hoop is shielded from pedal clamp damage. The guard stays securely in place even during aggressive pedal play.

When it’s time to change heads, simply loosen the pedal, slide off the protector, and you’re good to go. Reinstall after replacing the drumhead.

One-Year Warranty

Your purchase is backed by a one-year warranty covering any manufacturer defects. We’ll promptly send a replacement if you have any issues with the hoop protector.

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