Jim Dunlop Germanium Fuzz Face Mini – Vintage 60s Fuzz Tones in a Compact Pedal


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Fuzz pedals don’t get more iconic than the Fuzz Face. With its legendary warm, organic distortion, the Fuzz Face defined the sound of rock guitar in the 60s and 70s. Now Jim Dunlop has shrunken this classic circuit down into a pedalboard-friendly mini pedal – the Germanium Fuzz Face Mini.

Vintage Fuzz Face Tone

The Fuzz Face Mini recalls the germanium transistor-powered Fuzz Faces from the mid-1960s. These pedals were known for their warm, harmonically rich fuzz with a hint of grittiness. The Mini recreates those sought-after vintage fuzz tones in a miniature housing.

Mismatched Transistors

Part of the magic of 60s Fuzz Faces was the use of mismatched germanium transistors. Jim Dunlop matches the Mini Fuzz Face’s transistors for unique tones in each pedal. No two Mini Fuzz Faces will sound exactly alike!

Compact Design

The original Fuzz Face pedals were quite large. The Fuzz Face Mini shrinks the circuit down to a fraction of the size – just 2.3 x 2.8 inches. Now you can add those classic fuzz tones without hogging pedalboard space. The top-mounted jacks also save room.

Simple Controls

Like vintage Fuzz Faces, the Mini keeps it simple with just a single Fuzz control knob. Turn it up for intense, saturated fuzz. Back it down for milder overdrive textures. Finding sweet spots is part of the fun!

Modern Reliability

While 60s Fuzz Faces sound amazing, they can be finicky. The Mini Fuzz Face adds modern touches like an AC power jack, battery door, and status LED for consistent performance. The Mini also has increased headroom and enhanced low end vs. original models.

Versatile Tones

Despite having a single knob, the Mini Fuzz Face is incredibly responsive. It excels at warm, singing leads but also thick fuzz rhythms. From Hendrix to Gilmour, it covers iconic guitar tones. The Mini also sounds fantastic with bass, keys, and more.

Built By Dunlop

As owner of the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face brand, Dunlop has over 50 years experience crafting Fuzz Faces. The Mini combines vintage fuzz vibe and modern engineering for accessible, high quality fuzz. It joins Dunlop’s deep roster of distortion pedals.

Customer Reviews

“This little Fuzz Face nails those vintage fuzz tones! Way easier to fit on my board than a standard sized one too.”

“The mismatched germanium transistors make each one sound unique. I love the warmth and slight instability.”

“Finally got my hands on an affordable Fuzz Face that doesn’t take up much space. It sounds killer on guitar and bass.”

Get Iconic Fuzz in a Mini Pedal

Experience fuzz history with the Jim Dunlop Fuzz Face Mini. This pedal packs the legendary warm, rich fuzz tone of 60s-era Fuzz Faces into a pedalboard-friendly mini format. Order yours today!


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