Jim Dunlop System 65 Complete Guitar Setup Tech Pack


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Keep your guitar playing like new with the Jim Dunlop System 65 Complete Guitar Setup Tech Pack. This kit contains everything you need to clean, maintain, and adjust your electric or acoustic guitar so it always performs its best.

The Ultimate Guitar Maintenance Kit

The System 65 tech pack bundles together Dunlop’s premium guitar care products in one convenient package. It includes polishes, cleaners, lubricants, cloths, tools, and accessories specially formulated to clean and protect your guitar’s finish, hardware, fretboard, and electronics. With the System 65 kit, you’ll have a professional guitar tech’s toolkit right at your fingertips.

What’s Included

This pack comes loaded with these Dunlop guitar care essentials:

  • 65 Lemon Oil – Safely cleans fretboards and untreated fingerboards
  • 65 Polish and Cleaner – Polishes and protects gloss guitar finishes
  • 65 Fretboard Cleaner – Deep cleans coated maple fretboards
  • Peg Lube – Lubricates tuning machines for smooth tuning
  • String Cleaner – Removes dirt, oil, and oxidation from strings
  • Fretboard Conditioner Cloth – Conditions and restores rosewood and ebony
  • Polish Cloth – Anti-static cloth safely cleans and shines
  • Wipe Down Cloth – Lint-free cloth to wipe away excess cleaner and polish
  • Multi-Tool – Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, 2mm hex wrench
  • Nylon Guitar Brush – Soft nylon bristles remove dust and debris
  • String Cutter – Safely snips strings after re-stringing
  • Mini Torch – Heats and loosens stuck parts and connections

With this comprehensive assortment, you can thoroughly clean your strings, fretboard, hardware, and body. It has everything for routine maintenance and major restorations. Keeping your guitar in peak playing condition has never been easier.

Clean and Protect Your Guitar’s Finish

The System 65 polish, cloths, and brush let you gently clean your guitar’s finish. Remove fingerprints, dust, dirt, and grime to restore shine and luster. The anti-static cloth lifts away particles without scratching. Polish safely rejuvenates gloss while protecting against UV damage. Your guitar will look display-case new.

Condition Fretboards and Hardware

The fretboard cleaners, oil, and cloths keep wooden and coated necks in great shape. Lemon oil nourishes unfinished rosewood and maple. Specialty cleaners tackle built-up grime on finished maple fretboards. The polishing cloth restores hardware and metal parts to a brilliant shine. Tuning keys glide smoothly with peg lube.

Keep Strings Fresh and Intonated

As strings age they lose brightness and intonation. The string cleaner in this kit lets you extend string life and consistency. Dip-clean grimy strings to remove oxidization and dirt. Always re-string with fresh strings for the best tone and playability. The string cutter gives a clean, straight break when it’s time to swap out dead strings.

Adjust and Tweak Your Setup

The tools in the System 65 pack let you make precision adjustments and tweaks:

  • The multi-tool provides hex wrenches for truss rod tweaks and Phillips and flat heads for electronics and hardware adjustments.
  • Heat up stuck parts like knobs and switches with the mini torch.
  • Safely snip string ends with the string cutter after re-stringing.

Dial in perfect action, relief, and intonation with ease.

The Complete Guitar Care Solution

The System 65 Complete Tech Pack truly provides everything you need for DIY guitar maintenance and adjustments. The premium cleaners and tools will keep your strings, frets, finish, and hardware in flawless playing condition. It makes an excellent gift for the guitar player in your life. Keep your axes gig-ready with Dunlop System 65.


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