JINGCHENGMEI 1U Cantilever Vented 4-Post Rack Shelf – 19 Inch Server Cabinet Tray


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Organize your networking and AV equipment in your 19 inch rack with the JINGCHENGMEI 1U vented rack shelf. This sturdy, no-lip cantilever rack tray provides a stable 1U platform for your mission-critical gear while maximizing airflow and space.

The vented design and absence of a front lip provides excellent ventilation to keep your equipment running cool. The open ventilation slots allow efficient front-to-rear airflow so you can securely mount hot switches, patch panels, power strips, servers, UPS units, and other 1U rackmount devices without worrying about heat buildup.

Despite the vented design, the 1.2mm thick steel construction gives this 1U shelf the strength to hold up to 22 lbs of equipment. The built-in stiffener provides extra rigidity while the tray itself extends a full 6 inches deep into your rack to accommodate deeper 1U devices.

Installing this JINGCHENGMEI universal rack shelf is a snap thanks to the tool-less design and included hardware. The cantilever tray features removable rack ears that detach to prevent damage during shipping. Re-attach the ears securely using the provided screws and cage nuts to mount in your choice of 4-post open frame racks or any standard 19″ network cabinet.

Maximize your rack space while maintaining easy access to your critical 1U components using the JINGCHENGMEI vented rack shelf. The absence of a front lip ensures no wasted space while allowing you to effortlessly slide gear in and out. The vented design even enables you to keep cables plugged in without obstruction.

With its sturdy steel construction, vented airflow-optimizing design, and tool-less installation, this 1U cantilever rack shelf is ideal for your networking, IT, A/V, studio, and server rack setups. Discover the perfect addition to organize and ventilate mission-critical 1U rackmount equipment of any depth up to 6 inches.

Order the JINGCHENGMEI 1U vented universal rack shelf today to maximize usable space, cooling, and convenience in your 19” enclosure.

Key Features:

– Vented 1U rack tray with no front lip maximizes airflow and equipment access
– Holds up to 22 lbs of 19” rackmount gear like switches, panels, PDUs, servers, etc.
– Strong 1.2mm thick steel construction with stiffener for enhanced durability
– Extends full 6” deep into rack to accommodate longer equipment
– Tool-less mounting with removable ears and included hardware
– Open ventilation slots top and bottom for excellent front-to-rear airflow
– Designed for 4-post racks and 19” cabinets (universal rack compatibility)
– Ships disassembled to prevent damage to mounting ears
– Includes screws, cage nuts, and nuts for versatile installation
– 1U height clears adjacent rack units with no wasted space

Technical Specifications:

– Height: 1U (1.75”)
– Depth: 6” (152mm)
– Max Loading: 22 lbs
– Construction: 1.2mm SPCC Steel
– Ventilation Slots: Yes (front and rear)
– Mounting: 19” universal square hole/round hole
– Weight: 5 lbs

With its excellent airflow-enhancing vented design in a durable 1U tray, the JINGCHENGMEI rack shelf is the perfect rack mount accessory for your mission-critical networking and AV installations.


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