JINGCHENGMEI 1U Vented Universal Server Rack Shelf – Sturdy 10″ Deep Rackmount Tray Optimizes Airflow in 19″ Network Cabinets


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If you’re looking for a sturdy, vented 1U rack shelf that will maximize airflow and optimize equipment cooling in your 19″ network cabinet or server rack, the JINGCHENGMEI 1U Vented Server Rack Shelf is an ideal solution. With its vented design and 10″ depth, this universal rackmount tray is perfect for mounting servers, switches, routers, UPS systems, and other networking and server equipment into your rack while maintaining proper airflow.

Sturdy 1U Height Fits Seamlessly into Standard 19” Racks

This 1U rack shelf is designed to seamlessly fit into any standard 19″ wide rack or cabinet. The 1U (1.75″) height takes up minimal space while providing a stable, flat surface for mounting your critical IT equipment. The durable 1.2mm thick cold rolled steel construction enables this 10″ deep server rack shelf to support up to 22 lbs of equipment.

Vented Design Maximizes Airflow and Cooling

Overheating can cause equipment failure and system crashes. That’s why the JINGCHENGMEI rack shelf features a vented design that allows air to freely flow through to keep your servers, switches, and other rack-mounted gear optimally cooled. The open holes prevent trapped hot air and facilitate maximum airflow through your rack.

No Front Lip Saves Space and Adds Rigidity

This universal rack tray comes with no front lip, which saves you space compared to traditional rack shelves. The lack of a front lip enables you to slide your rackmount equipment fully back on the tray. It also allows you to mount devices upside down for a different configuration.

An added stiffener at the front also increases overall rigidity. This makes the 1U shelf extremely sturdy for securely holding your rackmounted equipment.

Toolless Assembly For Quick and Easy Installation

Mounting this vented server rack shelf into your cabinet couldn’t be easier. It comes with cage nuts and screws for toolless assembly. Just slide the cage nuts into the built-in rail holes, align the shelf into your 19″ rack, and screw it into place. You can have it installed within minutes.

Universal Compatibility

With its standard 19″ width and 1U height, this 10″ deep rackmount tray is universally compatible with any EIA-standard 19” server rack or cabinet. That makes it perfect for organizing your equipment into racks from Tripp Lite, StarTech, NavePoint, Rack Solutions, and other top brands. It’s ideal for small and medium sized server rooms and networking closets.


  • Constructed from 1.2mm thick cold rolled steel for durability
  • 1U height fits seamlessly into 19” racks
  • 10″ length provides optimal support for mounted devices
  • Vented tray design maximizes airflow and equipment cooling
  • No front lip saves space and adds front rigidity
  • Toolless mounting (M6 cage nuts & screws included)
  • 19″ W x 1.75″ H x 10″ D (482 x 44 x 254 mm)
  • Weight Capacity: 22 lbs

Ideal Uses:

This universal 1U vented rack shelf is perfect for mounting a wide range of 19” rackmount IT and AV equipment in network racks and enclosures, including:

  • 1U servers
  • Switches, routers, PDUs
  • Patch panels
  • UPS systems
  • KVM drawers
  • Rackmount audio/video equipment

Free up valuable vertical rack space and efficiently organize your equipment while maintaining proper thermal management with the JINGCHENGMEI 1U Vented Universal Server Rack Shelf. Order today to get this sturdy and ventilated 10” deep rackmount tray for your standard 19” cabinet or enclosure.


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