JOYO 6-Band Guitar Equalizer Pedal with ±18dB Boost/Cut


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Shape your tone exactly how you want it with the JOYO 6-Band Guitar Equalizer Pedal. This powerful equalizer pedal allows you to boost or cut frequencies across the guitar audio spectrum for customized tone control.

6 Fully Adjustable EQ Bands

The JOYO EQ pedal features six bands – 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz, 1.6kHz, and 3.2kHz. Each frequency band provides a boost/cut range of ±18dB, giving you extensive tone shaping capability. Cut muddy lows or boost sparkling highs. Let the mids sing or make them scream. With six adjustable bands, you can fine tune your tone for any guitar and any amp.

Enhance Tone from Overdrives

An equalizer pedal is a highly effective way to enhance the tone from your overdrive, distortion, or fuzz pedals. Cutting bass frequencies can tighten up a muddy overdrive. Boosting mids can help your solos cut through a mix. And accentuating highs adds articulation and clarity. The JOYO EQ gives you the tools to optimize drive tones.

Eliminate Feedback

One of the most useful applications for an EQ pedal is eliminating feedback on stage. The JOYO 6-Band EQ allows you to quickly identify and cut the precise frequencies that are feeding back. Just turn it on, find the problem frequency, and cut it. No more squeals.

True Bypass Circuitry

The JOYO EQ pedal features a true bypass design that keeps your tone pure and uncolored. When bypassed, your signal passes directly from input to output with no loss of clarity. The pedal is only in the signal path when engaged.

Road Ready Construction

Housed in a rugged aluminum-alloy chassis, the JOYO EQ pedal is built for the rigors of touring. The classic stoving varnish finish looks great on stage or in the studio. Plus the high-quality footswitches and jacks stand up to night after night of gigging. Road ready and rock ready.

Dial in Your Perfect Tone

With the ability to cut or boost six key frequencies up to ±18dB, the possibilities are virtually endless. From adding snarling mids to smoothing out the low end, this pedal puts total tonal control at your feet. Find your signature sound.

The JOYO 6-Band Guitar Equalizer Pedal is a powerful tone shaping tool for guitarists who want customized sound. Order today and take your tone to the next level!


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