JYTMUS Steel Tongue Drum – Soothing Meditation Instrument with Beginner Learning Kit


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Immerse yourself in musical meditation with the JYTMUS Steel Tongue Drum. This high-quality percussion instrument features 11 tuned steel tongues to produce an ethereal, resonant tone perfect for mindfulness, yoga, and relaxation.

High-Quality Construction for Optimal Sound

Expertly constructed from thick, durable carbon steel by skilled craftsmen, the JYTMUS Steel Tongue Drum delivers unparalleled purity and stability in every note. The precisely cut and meticulously tuned tongues generate accurate, sustained tones when struck with the included mallets. An advanced electroplating and baking paint process protects the drum from rust and wear over time.

Soothing, Meditative Tones

Unlike any other instrument, the steel tongue drum produces a mystical, echoing sound. The 11 notes are tuned in a pentatonic D major scale, creating a calming, soothing effect. From the first strike, the vibrating overtones carry you into deep relaxation. The drum’s long sustain allows the notes to blend seamlessly, transporting the listener.

Perfect for Beginners & Beyond

The JYTMUS Steel Tongue Drum arrives ready to play with a complete learning kit. Two rubber mallets fit comfortably in your hands to play the notes. A holder keeps the mallets organized and at the ready. The included music book contains beginner songs and tutorials to start playing melodies right away. Finger picks let you pluck the tongues to vary the drum’s voice.

Fun & Easy to Play

This percussion instrument is fun and easy to learn, even for complete beginners with no musical experience. The wide steel tongues are easy to strike with the mallets or finger pick. The JYTMUS drum stays in tune indefinitely, so it always sounds great. Children and adults alike will enjoy creating relaxing, meditative music.

Versatile Design & Portability

Measuring 6 inches in diameter and 5 inches tall, this handpan drum is compact enough for tabletop playing or to take anywhere. The included durable carrying case protects the drum and conveniently transports it. Integrate this mini steel tongue drum into yoga, prenatal classes, music lessons, therapy sessions, and more.

Premium Instrument Gift

Share the gift of musical meditation with the JYTMUS Steel Tongue Drum. Great for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and more, it’s an excellent percussion instrument for kids, adults, and beginners. The complete learning kit with carrying case makes playing enjoyable right out of the box.

JYTMUS Steel Tongue Drum Includes:

– Handpan steel drum with 11 notes tuned in D major scale
– Premium carrying case for protection and portability
– 2 rubber mallets suitable for drum playing
– Mallet holder to keep mallets organized
– Music book with beginner songs and tutorials
– 2 finger picks for plucking the tongues
– 2 JYTMUS drum logo stickers

Experience deep relaxation and musical enjoyment with this high-quality steel tongue drum. The JYTMUS handpan set has everything needed to start playing soothing melodies and uplifting songs right away.


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