Kandu Clever Shaker – 2 in 1 Percussion Shaker Drum with Distinct Clave and Bongo Sounds


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Discover a percussion shaker drum like no other with the innovative Clever Shaker by Kandu. This first-of-its-kind shaker offers two distinct percussion surfaces in one compact and portable instrument.

One side produces a bright clave sound perfect for Latin music. Just flip the Clever Shaker over and you’ll reveal a second surface with a deep, resonating bongo tone. It’s like having two percussion instruments in one! The unique two-sided design also creates an internal chamber that produces a rich shaker sound when shaken.

With its slim profile and lightweight birch construction, the Clever Shaker goes anywhere music takes you. Keep rhythm anywhere, anytime, with this versatile percussion “drum” that fits in your pocket.

2 Drums + Shaker in 1 Ultraportable Design

The Clever Shaker completely reimagines what a shaker can be. This isn’t your standard plastic egg-shaped shaker. This innovative drum shaker hybrid features:

  • Distinct clave and bongo playing surfaces on each side
  • Sleek ergonomic shape made for playing
  • Lightweight birch wood construction
  • Ultraportable and durable
  • Vibrant shaker sound when shaken

With just a flip of the Clever Shaker, you can switch between two distinctive percussion voices. The playing surfaces are crafted from beautiful unfinished birch plywood, offering a natural raw look and feel.

One side is tuned to create a bright, piercing clave tone. Latin percussionists will love the crisp, wooden clave sound for playing salsa, mambo, rumba, and any style requiring the clave rhythm.

Flip the shaker over to reveal the second playing surface, tuned for a deeper and darker bongo tone. The bongo side offers endless possibilities, from hand drumming to tapping out rhythms on a table or desktop.

The sleek ergonomic shape fits perfectly in hand, optimized for playing both sides as hand drums. When shaken, the internal chamber produces a lively, vibrant shaker sound.

Clave, Bongo, Shaker – All in One Ultraportable Size

The versatility of having multiple percussion sounds in one compact instrument makes the Clever Shaker the perfect percussion solution for:

  • Musicians, singers, and bands
  • Drummers and percussionists
  • Music teachers
  • Music students
  • Music therapists
  • Songwriters and composers
  • Church worship teams
  • Performing artists
  • Public speakers and presenters
  • Fitness instructors
  • Dance and Zumba teachers

The slim, lightweight design is made for taking your percussion anywhere. Easily fit the Clever Shaker in your bag, pocket, or purse without taking up space.

Many creative instruments sacrifice portability for playability or versatility. But the Clever Shaker delivers on all fronts. You get an ultra portable percussion shaker drum that offers diverse sound options and feels great to play.

Handcrafted for Musicians, By Musicians

The Clever Shaker is proudly handcrafted by Kandu, a trusted percussion brand founded by musicians, for musicians. Based in California, our team of designers and craftsman create innovative percussion instruments that inspire creativity.

Every Clever Shaker starts from sustainably harvested Birch plywood. We chose Birch for its superb acoustic properties, allowing each surface to resonate with a clean, pure tone.

The unfinished Birch playing surfaces are sanded smooth but left raw, highlighting the beautiful natural wood grains. This gives the Clever Shaker a distinctive look and feel that only improves with playing over time.

Our unique two-chamber design allows each side to resonate freely, resulting in the amazing clave and bongo tones that can’t be found elsewhere. Even the walls are strategically crafted to produce an crisp shaker sound.

We hand assemble and test every Clever Shaker in California before shipping it out. This hands-on approach ensures that every shaker meets our strict standards for quality and playability.


  • Dimensions: 4 inches long x 2 inches wide x 1.5 inches high
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Materials: Sustainably harvested Birch Plywood
  • Handcrafted in California

Unleash Your Inner Beat Anywhere

The Clever Shaker was designed for today’s percussionist and music lover on the move. With its slim profile and featherweight portability, this versatile percussion shaker drum goes anywhere your rhythm takes you.

Unleash pulse-pounding beats, intricate rhythms, or soulful tones wherever inspiration strikes. On stage, in the studio, classroom, office, beach, park trail, and anywhere else you feel the rhythm.

The Clever Shaker combines innovative design with high-quality craftsmanship. Treat yourself to the new percussion possibility of Kandu’s Clever Shaker.

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