Keeley DynaTrem Dynamic Tremolo Pedal Guitar Effects Pedal with 4 Waveforms and Quiet Noise Reduction Circuit


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The Keeley DynaTrem is a professional-grade tremolo pedal packed with features to take your guitar tones to new heights. This dynamic tremolo goes beyond standard tremolo effects by allowing you to shape the speed and depth in real time for organic, expressive playing.

With the Keeley DynaTrem, you get 3 essential tremolo modes: Dynamic Rate, Dynamic Depth, and Harmonic Tremolo. The Dynamic Rate mode lets you speed up or slow down the tremolo rate by altering your picking dynamics. Dig in harder for a faster pulse or back off for slower undulations. Dynamic Depth works similarly but modifies tremolo intensity. Finally, Harmonic Tremolo adds upper octave harmonics for a shimmery, psychedelic vibe.

In addition to the 3 main modes, the DynaTrem provides a Wave Table with 4 different waveforms to dramatically change the overall sound. Choose from smooth Sine waves, pulsating Square waves, Ramp Up sawtooth patterns or Ramp Down inverse sawtooth shapes. This level of waveform versatility sets the Keeley tremolo pedal apart from simpler competitors.

Keeley didn’t stop there. They engineered a noise reduction circuit into the DynaTrem to eliminate unwanted noise often associated with tremolo effects. Even at extreme Depth settings, you get noise-free tremolo thanks to the DynaTrem’s high-quality build.

Other useful features include single knobs for Rate, Depth, and Level controls to dial in sounds quickly. The DynaTrem also features true bypass switching to keep your core tone pure when disengaged. Powered by a 9V supply, the Keeley tremolo has low current draw for dependable performance.

Unleash Expressive Tremolo Effects for Guitar with the Keeley DynaTrem

Guitar tremolo effects have come a long way since the early days of amp-based pulsating tones. With the Keeley DynaTrem, you get studio-quality tremolo in a pedal format no bigger than your average stompbox. This powerful tremolo pedal unlocks a wider range of textures and gives you real-time control over the speed and depth.

Compared to old-school amp tremolo circuits, the DynaTrem blows the doors off in terms of flexibility. The dynamic modes introduce a human, organic element you just can’t achieve with fixed-rate tremolo pulses. Whether you want to emulate classic vintage amp vibrato or explore new psychedelic pulsating rhythms, the Keeley gets you there.

The DynaTrem also nails those classic tremolo tones. Dial back the Rate and Depth for muted, rhythmic pulses reminiscent of surf rock and spaghetti western twang. Or blast intense, fast tremolo that’s destined to become your new favorite effect.

Get Your Hands on 4 Waveforms for Dramatically Different Tremolo Effects

Most tremolo pedals have a single waveform, but the Keeley DynaTrem packs 4 distinct shapes that have a huge influence on the overall sound. Here’s a closer look at what each waveform brings to the table:

Sine Wave – The sine wave produces smooth, rounded tremolo pulses reminiscent of vintage amp effects. You get everything from mellow, muted pulses to bow-shaking throbs.

Square Wave – This waveform generates tremolo with an abrupt, staccato quality. Rhythmic pulses alternate between 2 distinct amplitude levels.

Ramp Up Sawtooth – The Ramp Up waveform features tremolo that gradually fades in then sharply drops out. Great for adding swells and dramatic rises and falls.

Ramp Down Sawtooth – Here, the waveform fades away gradually then suddenly jumps back to full volume. This inverse sawtooth wave is perfect for fading, pulsing effects.

With the Keeley DynaTrem’s waveform options, you can home in on the perfect tremolo texture and articulation to suit any style or song. The waveforms range from retro organic to futuristic and electronic.

Stellar Build Quality Delivers Noise-Free Tremolo & True Bypass Switching

The Keeley DynaTrem punches above its weight class thanks to painstakingly engineered circuits. Keeley built in a noise reduction system to eliminate unwanted noise often associated with heavy tremolo effects. Even at very fast speeds and deep depths, you’ll enjoy stellar audio quality free of distracting hum or added noise.

The DynaTrem also utilizes true bypass switching to keep your core guitar tone unaffected when the pedal is disengaged. True bypass passes your dry guitar signal directly from input to output for zero loss of clarity or high end when the effect is off.

With its sturdy metal chassis and quality footswitches, the DynaTrem is built to withstand years of use. And you get top-shelf sound quality thanks to premium components selected by Keeley’s experienced engineers. This tremolo pedal looks great on your pedalboard and delivers elite-level performance.

Keeley DynaTrem Controls Overview

The Keeley DynaTrem keeps operation simple and intuitive with just 3 control knobs:

Rate – Adjusts the speed of the tremolo effect. Rotate clockwise for faster pulses.

Depth – Controls the intensity from subtle to intense pulsating tones.

Level – Allows you to adjust the overall output volume to match your rig.

That’s it! Dialing in sublime tremolo effects is easy with the DynaTrem. Switch between modes and waveforms with 2 small toggle switches. And an LED lets you know when the effect is engaged.

Keeley DynaTrem Tremolo Modes

Here’s a closer look at the 3 tremolo modes that make the DynaTrem so powerful and expressive:

Dynamic Rate – In this innovative mode, your picking dynamics alter the tremolo speed in real time. Dig in harder and you’ll hear faster, more intense pulsating. Pick softer and the rate slows down.

Dynamic Depth – Here, playing dynamics control the depth and intensity of the tremolo effect. You get muting effects with soft picking then growing pulsations as you pick harder.

Harmonic Tremolo – This popular mode adds upper octave harmonics to the effect for rich, shimmering textures. Adjust the Depth knob to blend in more harmonics.

Each mode opens up expressive new dimensions. The dynamic controls make your playing directly impact the sound for organic, evolving tremolo.

Take Your Tremolo Effects Further with the Keeley DynaTrem

Unlock your full tremolo potential with the Keeley DynaTrem. This pro-grade stompbox delivers versatility and expressiveness rivaling studio effects units costing 10X more.

The Keeley engineering team poured their decades of pedal-building expertise into the DynaTrem. You benefit from smart features like the noise reduction, true bypass operation, and wide range of waveforms/modes.

If you want to elevate your tremolo effects beyond conventional limits, the DynaTrem is for you. From nuanced classic amp tones to intense pulsating rhythms, this pedal provides the tools for crafting your ideal tremolo textures.

The Keeley DynaTrem represents the new standard for professional tremolo pedals. Grab one today and explore the outer limits of tremolo!


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