Keeley Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo Guitar Pedal – Iconic Echoes and Delay


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The Keeley Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo guitar effects pedal packs two lush, customizable delays into one versatile unit. Dial in the signature echo tones of virtuoso guitarist Andy Timmons, mix and match analog-flavored delays, or create your own stacked and modulated soundscapes.

Andy Timmons’ Signature Echo Sound Onboard

The Halo comes pre-loaded with Andy Timmons’ famous “halo” echo sound, delivering lush, animated repeats ideal for chords and leads. Feel the emotion of your playing shine through with beautiful decaying echoes.

Two Independent Delays For Twice the Creative Options

Tweak to your heart’s content with dual, independent delay lines. Save custom sounds to the A and B footswitches for on-the-fly switching between two dialed-in tones. Access up to 1500ms of delay time to create everything from short slapback to extended soundscapes.

Analog Heart, Digital Soul

While the architecture is digital, the Halo serves up rich, musical echoes reminiscent of classic tape and bucket brigade delays. 5 different delay types range from retro BBD echoes to multi-head tape simulator – each with its own character.

Modulation Adds Motion and Interest

Make your delays come alive with modulation – choose from chorus, vibrato, and tremolo effects. Add subtle movement or heavily animated textures at the turn of a knob. Tap tempos sync your delays to the beat for rhythmic ambience.

Stacked and Panned for Huge, Immersive Sounds

By running both delays together, you can build lush stacked echoes, or spread the repeats across the stereo field – from subtle widening to ping-pong effects. The dedicated mix knob blends just the right amount of delay into your dry tone.

Bring new dimensions to your sound with the Keeley Halo. Combining flexibility, great analog tone, and the iconic sound of Andy Timmons, this pedal is a delay lover’s dream.


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