khanka Hard Travel Case for RODE RODECaster Duo – Protect Your Audio Production Studio On the Go




Take your RODE RODECaster Duo anywhere with complete confidence using the khanka Hard Travel Case. Specifically designed for the RODECaster Duo, this rugged carrying case keeps your professional audio production studio safe, secure, and ready for action wherever your travels take you.

Engineered for Portability

Measuring 16.33 x 10.62 x 3.46 inches, the khanka Hard Travel Case is sized to fit the RODECaster Duo like a glove. The interior is customized with a buckle and Velcro dividers to hold the RODECaster Duo and accessories in place, preventing damage from shocks and impacts. The sleek, portable design makes this case easy to carry using the rope handle or stash away in luggage.

Superior Protection You Can Trust

This hard shell carrying case is constructed using durable EVA material that is rugged, yet lightweight. The water-resistant exterior shields your gear from rain, splashes, and spills. The semi-rigid EVA shell and foam padding absorb impacts and shocks, keeping your RODECaster Duo safe from dents, scratches, and cracks. Integrated steel rivets further strengthen high-stress points.

Full Access for On-the-Fly Operation

Despite the protective construction, the khanka Hard Travel Case still provides convenient access to your RODECaster Duo. Simply unzip the case whenever you need to use the RODECaster Duo’s studio-grade audio controls, sound pads, and HD recording capabilities. Four large rubber feet keep the case elevated to prevent scratching of surfaces.

Custom Organization for Cables and Accessories

The khanka Hard Travel Case includes customizable Velcro dividers so you can neatly organize cables, headphones, and other essential RODECaster Duo accessories. The dividers prevent tangled cables and keep accessories secure and readily accessible. There’s even space to pack extra SD cards for extended recording times.

Premium Protection for a Valuable Investment

The RODECaster Duo is an indispensable mobile production studio for podcasters, musicians, and content creators on the move. This purpose-built carrying case provides the protection your RODECaster Duo deserves while traveling. The rugged exterior and snug fit keep your gear isolated from rough baggage handling and the chaos of transit.

Designed for Creators on the Go

Record professional quality audio and execute flawless productions while in transit with your RODECaster Duo neatly stowed in the khanka Hard Travel Case. Closed-cell padding cushions your gear from vibration, turbulence, and the unpredictable nature of travel. The ergonomic handle ensures easy lifting and transport between studios, venues, and remote locations.

Premium Protection You Can Rely On

The khanka Hard Travel Case brings flagship-level protection for your prized RODECaster Duo audio production studio. The rugged shell and customized foam inserts keep all controls, ports, pads, and features locked in position and shielded from harm. Supply power and connect microphones, headphones, and other gear on the go without removing the RODECaster Duo from the case.

Carry On with Confidence

Transport your RODECaster Duo safely as carry on luggage while avoiding the risks of checked baggage. The portable size and secure construction prevent your gear from getting lost, damaged, or stolen in transit. Set up your mobile studio in minutes upon arrival and start recording high quality content anywhere worldwide.

A Trusted Travel Companion

With the khanka Hard Travel Case, your RODECaster Duo is always ready to go at a moment’s notice. The lightweight shell and compact shape make this carrying case easy to manage on long treks through airports, convention centers, and outdoor venues. Wherever audio inspiration strikes, your RODECaster Duo production studio can come along for the journey.

RODECaster Duo Not Included

Please note that the khanka Hard Travel Case is compatible with the RODE RODECaster Duo sound mixing and recording device, which must be purchased separately. Only the hard shell carrying case is included. Keep your RODECaster Duo production studio protected wherever you roam with the khanka Hard Travel Case!


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