Knox Gear Digital Stylus Scale for Turntable Vinyl Records – Keep Stylus in Optimal Position


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Maintain peak audio quality from your vinyl records with this must-have stylus scale from Knox Gear. The compact digital scale measures stylus pressure with extreme accuracy to prevent excess groove wear.

Protect Delicate Vinyl Grooves

This high precision scale allows you to dial in the perfect stylus force for flawless tracking without damaging delicate grooves. The accurate 0.01g readings ensure your stylus rides perfectly for smooth audio output.

Built to Last

Made from durable materials and engineered for longevity, this stylus gauge will provide years of reliable service. The handy included case protects the scale from damage when stored or transported.

Convenient and Portable

The compact scale fits easily in a pocket or bag for quick stylus force checks anywhere. Battery powered for use on the go. No power required for turntable calibration.

Includes Calibration Weight

Comes complete with a handy 5 gram calibration weight for checking accuracy. Ensures your scale stays finely tuned for precision stylus pressure measurements.

Keep your vinyl sounding its best for years to come with the Knox Gear digital stylus force scale. Order today and keep your stylus in the optimal position.


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