Korg Monotron Duo and Delay Analog Ribbon Synthesizer Bundle – Vintage Synth Tones and Trippy Delay Effects


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Create cosmic soundscapes dripping with retro synth vibes using the Korg Monotron analog synthesizer bundle. This special package pairs two of Korg’s iconic Monotron instruments – the Duo synth and Delay effects unit. Fuse their purely analog tones and trippy delay effects to take your music on a hypnotic sonic journey.

Korg Monotron Duo – Analogue Synth with Duophonic Sounds

The Monotron Duo packs authentic analogue synthesis into a fun, compact unit. It’s built around two voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) that can generate sawtooth or square waves independently. This lets you play duophonic melodies and basslines, blending both oscillators together. Sweep the dedicated LFO to add spacey warble to the VCOs’ raw waveforms.

The ribbon keyboard makes playing the Duo expressive and addictive. You can add vibrato and wah effects by sliding your finger across it. The low frequency oscillator can also be controlled this way, freeing up your other hand for tweaking knobs. It’s a unique playing experience that unlocks the full potential of the Monotron Duo.

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Further sculpt the VCOs using the Duo’s voltage-controlled filter. Adjusting the cutoff frequency lets you shape the harmonic content, going from a bright, crisp tone to a mellow, rounded one. Cranking up the resonance emphasizes frequencies near the cutoff point, adding a buzzy snarling character. Use the filter creatively to radically transform the oscillator waveforms.

Korg Monotron Delay – Analog Style Echoes

The Monotron Delay takes the classic analog delay effect and shrinks it down to pocket size. It uses a genuine BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) chip to produce old-school tape echo style repeats. You get a fixed delay time that’s short enough for spicing up loops and rhythms, yet long enough for psychedelic space outs.

Dial in the right amount of feedback and delay time to create self-oscillating textures and ambient sound effects. With its extendable ribbon keyboard, the Delay transforms into a ethereal instrument. Sliding your finger across it increases the delay time for bending pitches and warping the delayed signal.

Fuse Both Units for Endless Sonic Possibilities

Bundling the Monotron Duo and Monotron Delay unlocks a universe of unique electronic music possibilities. Connect them together using standard audio cables to fuse their pure analog tones and delay effects. The Delay’s input can be fed by the Duo’s sawtooth or square wave oscillators, creating new timbral combinations. Sculpt the results further with the filter and feedback controls.

In the box, you’ll get both Monotron units, patch cables, and batteries – everything required to start exploring cosmic synth landscapes. Analog synthesizer enthusiasts will love adding Korg’s cult classics to their studio. The Duo and Delay also make excellent gifts for musical creative types.

Vintage Style Meets Modern Functionality

While inspired by vintage instruments, the Monotrons deliver modern functionality in a retro analog package. Battery operation and compact size make them ultra portable for music making on the go. Despite the low price, both units boast high build quality with ribbon keyboards that respond accurately.

Start Your Korg Collection Today

Korg is renowned for making synthesizers accessible to all musicians. With the Monotron duo and delay bundle, you get two of their most fun and creative instruments at an incredible value. Open up a universe of hypnotic soundscapes with this Analog synth starter pack from Korg.


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