Korg Poly-800 Synth Synthesizer Replacement Power Supply AC Adapter


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Keep your iconic Korg Poly-800 synthesizer powered up and ready to play with this replacement 9V AC adapter charger. Custom designed for the Poly-800, it provides reliable, efficient power for your vintage analog polyphonic synth.

Compatible Power Supply

This AC adapter charger is specifically engineered to safely power the Korg Poly-800 synthesizer. It outputs a steady 9V DC, perfect for providing clean power to the Poly-800.

With the original power supplies for many classic synths now over 30 years old, having a new, dedicated power adapter helps ensure your Poly-800 keeps performing. It plugs into a standard wall outlet and connects to the power jack on the Poly-800, just like the original adapter.

Advanced Safety Features

Don’t risk damage to your prized Poly-800 with unreliable power. This adapter charger features sophisticated circuitry with multiple layers of protection:

– Over-voltage protection guards against spikes
– Over-current protection prevents power surges
– Over-temperature protection stops overheating

Durable, high-quality materials and thoughtful engineering ensure safe, reliable power delivery to your vintage synthesizer.

Global Compatibility

The AC adapter has a universal power input from 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz. It will work with standard wall power from most countries around the world.

You can safely use your Poly-800 anywhere you gig or record, whether that’s locally or halfway around the globe. The adapter comes with a US-style plug but includes international plug adapters.

Performance-Ready Power

With this AC adapter charger, you can power up your Poly-800 synthesizer with confidence. It provides consistent, noise-free power to keep your analog synth performing its best during all your play sessions, practices, live shows, and recording.

The Poly-800 is a 32-voice analog polyphonic synth known for its thick, rich sound. Keep it sounding full and dynamic with an adapter designed specifically for the power needs of this iconic synth.

Korg Poly-800 Synthesizer

The Korg Poly-800 synthesizer, manufactured from 1983 to 1986, is a classic analog polyphonic synth. It was one of the first affordable digital programmable synths and featured an 8-voice polyphony and on-board arpeggiator.

The Poly-800’s digitally controlled oscillators, filters, and amplifiers generate its wonderfully warm, analog sound. Many musicians still treasure the Poly-800’s signature textures ideal for synthwave, synthpop, and more.

Get the Most Out of Your Poly-800

The Korg Poly-800’s innovative design and complex circuitry requires stable, clean power. Avoid unpredictable voltage spikes or surges that can affect the oscillators, filters, and amplifiers.

With its advanced protection, global compatibility, and reliability, this AC adapter charger keeps your Poly-800 sounding its very best, so you get the most out of this iconic analog polysynth during every session and performance.


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