Kurrent Electric 5-Color Modular Synth Patch Cable Pack


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Take your modular synth rig to the next level with this 5-pack of high-quality patch cables from Kurrent Electric. Available in a range of fun colors, these durable cables make patching a breeze while helping you organize signal flows.

Flexible 27″ Cables in Vivid Colors

Each cable measures 27 inches long, giving you plenty of room to make connections even on larger synth rigs. The flexible PVC jacketed cable won’t kink or tangle, ensuring reliable transmission. Choose from green, blue, red, orange, and purple cables to color code your connections.

Premium Gold-Plated TS Mono Connectors

These mono patch cables feature gold-plated 3.5mm TS connectors for optimal signal transfer. The tip and sleeve plugs securely into any 3.5mm mono jack or socket found on modular synths, guitar pedals, and other audio devices. Durable metal housings withstand constant plugging and unplugging.

Perfect for Semi-Modular and Eurorack Synths

Ideal for use with semi-modular analog synths like the Moog Mother 32, Korg MS-20, and Arturia MicroBrute. Also compatible with any Eurorack modular system. Use them to connect oscillators, filters, sequencers, effects, and any other synth modules with 3.5mm patch points.

Organize Your Signal Chain Visually

Stop squinting at a mess of tangled black and gray cables trying to trace your signal path. The assorted colors allow you to code connections by function. Use green for oscillators, blue for filters, orange for envelopes, and so on. Makes troubleshooting patches a breeze.

Premium Construction for Reliable Performance

From the flexible PVC-jacketed cable to the gold-plated plugs, these patch cables are built to last through countless patching sessions. Designed to provide clean, noise-free audio transmission and withstand the rigors of studio use.

Kurrent Electric Quality

Kurrent Electric is dedicated to making high-quality, affordable audio cables for musicians and recording studios. Count on these patch cables to deliver reliable performance cable after cable, year after year. A wise investment for the passionate synthesist.

Take Your Modular Synth to the Next Level

Level up your patching workflow and unlock new sonic possibilities with this multi-pack of patch cables. The vivid colors help keep your rig’s routing organized so you can focus on creating. Discover the difference premium cables can make for your modular synth rig.

What’s Included:

  • 5 x 27 inch 3.5mm TS mono patch cables
  • Color options: green, blue, red, orange, purple
  • Gold-plated plugs with durable metal casing
  • Flexible PVC-jacketed cable

Give your Eurorack or semi-modular synthesizer the premium interconnect cables it deserves. The Kurrent Electric 5-color patch cable pack has everything you need to take sound and organization to the next level. Start patching like a pro now!


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