LANDTONE Upgrade Hand Made True Bypass ABY Guitar Pedal – Switch Between Amps or Combine Signals




Take your guitar rig to the next level with the LANDTONE Upgrade Hand Made True Bypass ABY Guitar Pedal. This premium AB switch allows you to toggle between two amps or combine their signals with the push of a footswitch.

Split and Switch Between Amps in True Bypass

The LANDTONE ABY pedal allows you to switch back and forth between two guitar amps, enabling you to get the most out of each amp’s unique tones and gain structures. It routes your guitar signal to either output A, output B, or both outputs simultaneously with no loss of tone.

The true bypass design ensures maximum signal integrity when the pedal is off, providing complete tonal transparency. Your tone remains unaffected with no loading issues.

Combine the Inputs from Two Guitars

You can also use the ABY pedal to combine the output from two guitars or instruments into a single amp. For example, run a bass and guitar into inputs A and B respectively, then output both signals together from output A into your amp.

This allows you to layer and mix the two instruments in real time for more complex tones using just one rig.

Handmade Craftsmanship with Premium Components

The LANDTONE ABY pedal features meticulous handmade construction with top-grade components selected for optimal performance. This includes high quality footswitches, input and output jacks, and gold-plated circuit board.

The housing consists of durable, lightweight aluminum with a compact dimensions of just 112 x 61 x 31 mm. It can withstand the rigors of touring and gigging.

Intuitive Controls with LED Indicators

The pedal’s operation is simple and intuitive. Step on the footswitch to toggle between amp A, amp B, or both amps together.

Bright dual LEDs clearly indicate whether amp A, amp B, or both amps are active, eliminating guesswork on stage. Power the LEDs with a 9V battery or optional 9V DC power supply.

Take Your Rig to the Next Level

The LANDTONE Upgrade Hand Made True Bypass ABY Guitar Pedal unlocks new creative possibilities with your guitar setup. Route your signal to two amps for lush stereo tones, or combine two instruments into one amp seamlessly.

Experience what your rig is truly capable of with the flexibility of this pro-grade AB switch pedal. The true bypass design and premium components ensure zero loss of tone and exceptional reliability.

Handmade with care and built to last, the LANDTONE ABY pedal is the ultimate tool for versatile guitarists. Order today and take your rig to the next level!

Product Highlights:

  • Premium true bypass ABY switch pedal
  • Toggle between 2 amps or combine signals
  • No loss of tone in bypass mode
  • Handmade construction with top-grade components
  • Lightweight aluminum housing
  • Dual LEDs indicate selected amp output(s)
  • Power LEDs with 9V battery or adapter (not included)

What’s in the Box:

  • LANDTONE ABY Guitar Pedal

Take control of your guitar rig! Order the LANDTONE Upgrade Hand Made True Bypass ABY Guitar Pedal today.


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