Left Handed 3/4 Size Blue Electric Guitar Beginner Package – Amp, Strap, Bag


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Always dreamed of learning to play guitar but thought a full-size instrument would be too big and bulky? Our left-handed 3/4 size electric guitar starter set is the perfect solution to get you jamming in no time!

Specially designed for smaller hands and bodies, this 36-inch guitar helps beginning guitarists build skills and confidence. The slim neck and short scale length reduce stretching, allowing you to easily form chords and reach all the notes. It feels comfortable rather than cumbersome when you’re first starting out on your musical journey.

The basswood body delivers a balanced, resonant sound across the tonal spectrum, while the maple neck adds brightness and sustain. Chrome tuning machines keep the strings in tune through countless practices and performances. Single-coil pickups capture the crisp treble tones that can cut through a mix. Tone and volume knobs allow shaping your sound on the fly.

Jam along with the included 5-watt amp – just plug in the guitar and rock out! Stereo RCA jacks let you connect devices like an MP3 player to play backing tracks. The amp’s aux input makes it easy to hear yourself over acoustic drums or other loud instruments. Adjustable gain and overdrive add growl and grit when you want to soar on searing solos.

The padded nylon gig bag protects your guitar and accessories when traveling to lessons or band practice. Front and back pockets provide extra storage space. The adjustable shoulder strap makes for comfortable carrying. The included picks, extra strings, and clip-on tuner ensure you’ll be ready to rock right out of the box.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned guitarist hoping to travel light, our 3/4 size guitar package has everything you need. The smaller size reduces hand and body strain, so you can focus on polishing your technique. Amp up your practice sessions, then take the show on the road!

Why Choose Our 3/4 Size Left Handed Electric Guitar Package?

  • Convenient “Anything You Need to Play” All-In-One Set
  • Ideal for Beginners, Youth & Smaller Musicians
  • Lightweight, Portable Size for Travel & Easy Storage
  • Basswood Body Delivers Rich, Resonant Tone
  • Maple Neck Adds Crisp, Bright Sustain
  • Smooth Short Scale Length for Comfortable Playing
  • Includes 5-Watt Amp with Overdrive for Versatile Sound
  • Gig Bag Protects Guitar with Extra Storage Pockets
  • Accessories Like Strings, Picks & Tuner Included
  • Lefty Design Perfect for Southpaw Guitarists

Shorter Scale is Easier to Play

The slightly shorter 36-inch scale length means less stretching than a full size acoustic or electric guitar. Beginning guitarists won’t have to struggle with difficult chord shapes and soloing. The slim neck profile offers comfortable hand placement for smaller fingers. Hours of practicing chords and scales will fly by, with minimized hand fatigue.

Lightweight, Portable Size

Thanks to the 3/4 size, this guitar measures a travel-friendly 36 3/4 inches long, over 3 inches shorter than a standard model. It weighs under 5 pounds altogether, making it easy to transport to lessons or band practice. The compact footprint also takes up less space for easy storage in your home. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or just tight on space, this portable package will fit your lifestyle.

Jam Along with The 5-Watt Amp

Just plug this axe straight into the included 5-watt amp to start rocking. Adjustable gain gives you classic clean tones, with an overdrive switch for natural tube-like breakup. Dial in your ideal sound from crystal cleans to fat, saturated distortion. The auxiliary input makes it easy to play along with recorded tracks from a smartphone, MP3 player or tablet. Take your guitar skills from the practice room to the stage!

Gig Bag Keeps Your Guitar Protected

The durable nylon gig bag features a padded interior to keep your guitar safe from bumps and scrapes. Front and back pockets allow you to store small accessories like picks, extra strings and capos. The adjustable shoulder strap ensures comfortable carrying to and from performances. Grab your guitar and go – no hard case needed for this portable package!

For aspiring left-handed guitarists wanting to learn on an easy-playing short scale instrument, our 3/4 size electric starter set has everything you need. Order today and plug into these key features:

  • Convenient All-In-One Set: Guitar, Amp, Bag, Strap, Strings, Picks
  • Great for Beginners, Youth & Traveling Musicians
  • Smooth Shorter 36-Inch Scale Length
  • Lightweight Basswood Body & Maple Neck
  • Includes 5-Watt Amp with Overdrive
  • Gig Bag for Protection and Portability
  • Accessories Like Strings, Picks & Tuner
  • Perfect for Left Handed Guitarists

Why wait to start your guitar journey? This value-packed short scale set will inspire you to practice daily and expand your musical skills. Strum chords, pick melodies and shred solos with comfort and ease!


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