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Play your favorite stringed instrument in comfort and style with the Levy’s Leathers Cork Strap. This versatile strap is designed to fit mandolins, ukuleles, guitars and other similar instruments, providing a secure and supportive fit for playing sessions of any length.

Handcrafted from natural sustainable materials in Nova Scotia, Canada, the Levy’s Cork Strap blends form and function for the ultimate musical accessory. The strap features a two-ply cork construction with supple leather ends, combining eco-friendly cork with the strength and durability of high-quality leather. The full-grain leather ends attach securely to your instrument, while the flexible cork conforms to your body for playing comfort. An adjustable length of 29″ to 49″ ensures a perfect fit for musicians of all sizes.

The Levy’s Cork Strap sports a stylish Rainforest color pattern that livens up your instrument with organic flair. The dynamic green and brown hues resemble vines and leaves in a verdant forest, adding earthy vibes to your musical style. Whether you prefer the warm tones of mahogany ukuleles or the bright sounds of maple mandolins, the Rainforest strap complements a wide range of instruments.

Play with confidence knowing the Levy’s Cork Strap provides security and freedom of movement on stage and off. The 1″ wide design evenly distributes weight across your shoulder, preventing neck strain during extended practice and performance sessions. The supple cork construction allows a full range of motion while playing, and the sturdy leather ends hold your instrument firmly in place.

The Levy’s Cork Strap is an essential accessory for any mandolin, ukulele or guitar player looking to combine exceptional comfort with earth-friendly style. The premium natural materials withstand regular use for long-lasting durability you can rely on season after season. Upgrade your musical experience with the unique blend of quality, versatility and eco-conscious design the Levy’s Cork Strap offers.

Product Details

  • Materials: Two-ply natural cork strap with full-grain chrome tan leather ends
  • Width: 1” wide strap evenly distributes weight for playing comfort
  • Length: Adjustable 29” – 49” length fits most mandolin, ukulele and guitar players
  • Hardware: Black plastic loop and slide for secure length adjustment
  • Handcrafted in Nova Scotia, Canada using eco-friendly production methods
  • Unique Rainforest color pattern adds artistic flair to any stringed instrument

Unmatched Playing Comfort

The Levy’s Cork Strap is expertly designed for superior comfort, allowing you to focus on your music instead of fussing with your strap. The soft pliable cork gently contours to your body, preventing pinching or chafing during extended playing sessions. The wide 1” strap disperses weight across your shoulder for fatigue-free practice and performance. Easily customize the length with the smooth sliding adjuster to find your ideal fit. The flexible cork construction and secure leather ends provide a feeling of freedom while keeping your instrument stable.

Responsible Eco-Friendly Materials

Levy’s utilizes premium natural materials like cork and full-grain leather to create durable, environmentally responsible accessories. The supple cork is sustainably sourced from the bark of cork oak trees, which regenerates after harvest. Cork production also supports the biodiversity of Mediterranean cork oak forests. The rich leather ends are vegetable tanned in a non-toxic process without harmful chemicals. Both cork and leather develop a unique patina over time, aging beautifully season after season.

Built to Last

The Levy’s Cork Strap is constructed by hand in Nova Scotia, Canada using time-honored techniques perfected over generations of craftsmanship. Meticulous attention to detail results in solid, reliable accessories made to go the distance. The durable leather ends withstand regular handling while the flexible cork can be twisted, bent and compressed without damage. Count on your Levy’s Cork Strap to provide playing comfort and earthy style gig after gig.

Give your musical gear an upgrade with the versatile Levy’s Leathers Cork Strap. The eco-friendly materials and custom fit provide exceptional comfort for mandolin, ukulele and guitar players. Order the Levy’s Cork Strap today to play your instrument in sustainable organic style!


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