LingTing Handpan Drum Set – 22″ Ash Gold Steel Tongue Drum with Accessories


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Immerse yourself in magical melodies with the LingTing 22-inch handpan drum set. This high-quality ash gold steel tongue drum delivers enchanting soundscapes perfect for meditation, street performances, and more.

The complete drum set includes a padded bag, pair of mallets, and stand for protection and convenient playing anywhere. Begin a journey of musical expression with this versatile percussion instrument.

Alluring Ash Gold Steel Design

The first thing you’ll notice about this handpan is its beautiful ash gold finish. The color features a burnt orange hue that resembles a sunburst. Small hammered dents add intriguing texture across the drum’s six nitrided steel notes.

At 22 inches in diameter, the drum produces a resonant, echoing tone. The steel shell boasts a thickness of 2.5mm for robust construction that will last for years.

The LingTing handpan combines artistry and functionality. It will draw attention whether played at home, on the street, or on stage.

Soothing, Meditative Sound

This handpan creates an otherworldly sound that promotes relaxation, creativity, and mindfulness. Notes ringing out from the ash gold shell produce lingering overtones that wash over the listener.

Tuned to the versatile D Minor scale, the drum features an octave range from D3 to D4. The six notes arranged across the surface let you play tranquil melodies and ambient soundscapes.

Both beginners and professionals will enjoy exploring the instruments’ soothing voice. Let your creativity flow as you discover new rhythms and song structures. This drum provides the perfect accompaniment for meditation, yoga, and spiritual activities.

Play Anywhere Convenience

This handpan set comes with everything needed to play anywhere. The included padded gig bag protects the drum when transporting. Its durable nylon exterior features a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Inside, a plush lining cradles the drum while preventing scratches. Two zippers grant access to the drum while an exterior pocket stores accessories.

Also included is a pair of rubber mallets. Use these to produce louder notes by striking the drum’s notes. The rubber heads provide full, bright tone without damaging the steel shell.

For upright playing, take advantage of the included stand. The sturdy tripod base and padded cradle securely support the handpan. Adjust the height as needed.

Quality Construction

The LingTing handpan combines expert craftsmanship with quality construction. Skilled artisans meticulously hand-hammer the notes across the nitrided steel surface. This leaves subtle hammer marks creating a unique look.

Nitriding heat-treats the steel for increased hardness and wear resistance. This enhances durability while improving tone.

Notes strategically stretch the steel shell to produce a bright, resonant voice. The 2.5mm thickness ensures these hand-formed notes hold their tunings through years of play.

Versatile Musical Expression

This versatile drum allows diverse musical expression. Create tranquil, meditative pieces by gently tapping the notes with fingers. For brighter tones, use the included rubber mallets to strike the notes.

Add in hand drums or percussion like shakers and rain sticks to build layered, textured rhythms. The sustain of the notes mingles beautifully with other instruments.

Compose your own songs, play covers, or improvise intuitive jams. With practice, two people can play melodies simultaneously on the drum’s notes.

Let your creativity guide you. Whether playing solo, with friends, or on the street, the LingTing handpan’s inspiring voice becomes an extension of your musicality.

Premium Accessories

The complete LingTing handpan set comes with:

  • Padded Gig Bag – Safely transport your drum and accessories with this thickly cushioned bag. It features a shoulder strap for easy carrying.
  • Rubber Mallets – The pair of mallets provides an alternative to finger play with brighter, louder tones.
  • Folding Stand – The included stand securely supports your drum at an adjustable height for upright play.
  • Polishing Cloth – Keep your handpan looking its best with the included lint-free polishing cloth.

Complete Your Ensemble

The LingTing handpan is an excellent addition to any ensemble, meditation space, or music room. Complement its relaxing tones by playing along with:

  • Acoustic guitar
  • Violin
  • Piano
  • Flute
  • Singing bowls
  • Rainstick

Let your musicality shine by incorporating this inspiring handpan into your playing. Order the LingTing 22-inch ash gold steel tongue drum set today to begin your musical journey.


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