Longeye 88-Key Portable Digital Piano for Beginners


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Whether you’re a complete beginner or intermediate player, the Longeye 88-Key Portable Digital Piano provides everything you need to start learning and playing piano. This all-in-one set for new pianists includes the essential accessories and features for practice, performance and portability.

The full-size 88 piano keys are built with Longeye’s GEN2 semi-weighted action. The responsive feel helps build proper finger technique and control. Touch sensitivity lets you play dynamically, from delicate pianissimo to powerful fortissimo. Meanwhile, the authentic key spacing helps transition to acoustic pianos.

While compact for small spaces, the 88 keys accommodate the wide range your music demands. Play classics, jazz, pop and more while advancing your skills. 128 high-quality instrument voices like grand piano, strings, organ and more immerse you in realistic tones.

Thoughtfully Designed for Beginners

Longeye packs thoughtful learning features into this portable piano. 128 built-in rhythms help you keep steady time while playing. 20 demo songs provide inspiration to learn new pieces. Record your practice to replay and track improvement.

The companion app connects via Bluetooth to display sheet music and animated lessons. Split keyboard mode lets teachers demonstrate techniques on one side while students follow along on the other. Transpose makes it easy to change keys while learning.

Sticker labels identify all 88 keys by note name, essential for building recognition. The stand brings the portable piano to the perfect height, while the headphones let you practice privately. Sustain and soft pedals add expression.

With everything you need in one set, Longeye empowers beginners to learn at their own pace. All accessories fit conveniently into the carrying case, perfect for portability.

Authentic Full-Size Keys

Many portable keyboards compromise key size for portability. But the Longeye digital piano uses full-size keys spanning over 5 octaves. The 88 piano-style keys provide the authentic feel standard acoustic pianos are built on.

Full-size keys position your hands naturally, helping form correct muscle memory. Narrow mini-keys crowd hands unnaturally and make mistakes more likely. With standard key width, new players transition easily to acoustic pianos.

The Longeye piano keys use a balanced hammer-action mechanism. This gives a realistic weighted feel across the whole keyboard, unlike organs or synthesizers. Touch sensitivity lets you control volume and dynamics based on playing force. Every subtle technique transfers directly to traditional pianos.

Impressive Sound Quality

This portable piano utilizes Longeye’s advanced piano sound engine for impressive tone. 128 studio-grade instrument voices recreate exceptional realism through the built-in speakers or headphones.

Classic grand piano voices come alive with resonance, warmth and clarity. Electric pianos add vintage character for jazz and blues. Layer strings, organ, harpsichord and more for creative combinations. The 128 rhythms provide dynamic accompaniment in any genre.

In addition to the 10W built-in speakers, simply plug in headphones for private practice sessions. Immerse yourself in the high-fidelity piano tone as you learn new pieces or techniques. The 1/4″ AUX jack also connects to external amps or mixers.

Compact, Portable Design

The Longeye digital piano strikes a perfect balance of portability and playability. It weighs under 10 pounds for true mobility. The slim profile takes up little space yet provides full-size keys and features.

The included carrying case protects the keyboard during transport. Easily fit it in a car trunk or slide under a bed when not in use. The optional battery powers 5 hours of playing time for piano anywhere.

While portable, the stand creates a stable foundation for focused practice at home. The double X-frame design resists shaking or wobbling. Adjust to 7 different height settings to match your playing position. Assembly takes just minutes without tools.

Connectivity for Every Situation

Practice, perform and create no matter where inspiration strikes. The Longeye digital piano offers versatile connectivity for any situation.

Built-in Bluetooth syncs wirelessly with the companion app for animated lessons, sheet music and more learning tools. Connect headphones or devices like laptops to play along with lessons or music.

The USB-MIDI port links to computers and recording software. Use virtual instruments and effects during practice. Capture compositions digitally or enhance recordings.

Share your playing anywhere by connecting external amps, mixers or speakers. With flexible connectivity, this portable piano keeps you playing and creating.

The Longeye 88-Key Portable Digital Piano inspires new musicians to learn and advance their skills. With full-size touch-sensitive keys, authentic piano sound and essential learning tools, beginners gain confidence through self-paced lessons. The lightweight design makes piano practice accessible from home, school, stage and anywhere life takes you.


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