M-Audio Complete Podcasting and Music Recording Studio Package with 24-bit Ultra HD Sound




Capture your creative vision in stunning hi-fidelity with the M-Audio complete podcasting and music recording package. This all-in-one studio kit combines M-Audio’s innovative AIR192|4 Vocal Studio Pro audio interface, pro-grade large diaphragm Nova condenser XLR microphone, isolation shockmount, studio headphones, and all necessary cables for plug-and-play operation with your Mac or Windows PC.

Equipped with premium audiophile components, the M-Audio AIR192|4 interface delivers breathtaking 24-bit/192kHz resolution, capturing every nuance and detail with exceptional clarity and depth. The ultra-transparent Crystal preamps and pristine A/D converters provide recording quality that rivals professional studios. Connect microphones, instruments, monitors and headphones for a fully integrated podcasting, voiceover, or home recording workstation.

The included Nova professional condenser microphone captures rich and natural studio sound quality for vocals, speech, acoustic instruments and more. The large 1″ capsule housed in a rugged metal body reproduces sound with stunning accuracy. Delivering silky smooth highs and tight low end, the Nova brings out the most natural characteristics of any sound source. The integrated shockmount isolates the mic capsule from noise and vibration for ultra-clean recordings.

For monitoring your recordings, the M-Audio HDH40 closed-back headphones deliver crystal clear sound reproduction with exceptional comfort. Large 40mm drivers immerse you in spacious audio with deep bass and sparkling highs. Circumaural earcups seal out external noise for accurate mixing and editing. The padded headband and ear cushions provide comfort during long sessions. No detail goes unheard.

With plug-and-play connectivity via USB 2.0 or USB-C, the M-Audio interface provides seamless integration and the fastest connection speeds with ultra-low 2.59ms round trip latency, giving you a realtime listening experience with no delay. Whether you’re recording vocals, guitar, podcasts, or streaming, this M-Audio studio package provides the professional quality HD sound capture that today’s producers demand.

Feature Highlights

  • Complete recording package includes 24-bit/192kHz AIR192|4 USB audio interface, Nova microphone, shockmount, headphones, and cables
  • Ultra-transparent Crystal preamps and pristine A/D converters for professional studio-grade audio capture
  • Nova large diaphragm condenser microphone with silky smooth response and integrated shockmount
  • HDH40 circumaural closed-back headphones with 40mm drivers for accurate monitoring
  • Hi-Speed USB and USB-C connectivity with industry-leading 2.59ms ultra-low latency performance
  • XLR+1/4″ TRS combo inputs, stereo 1/4″ outputs, 1/4″ headphone out, and direct monitoring
  • Rugged metal construction with large volume control, LED meters, and USB/Direct monitoring selector

Capture Sound with Breathtaking Realism

The M-Audio AIR192|4 interface is designed to provide stunningly lifelike audio reproduction for professional recording, mixing, podcasting, and streaming. Utilizing premium audiophile-grade components and innovative circuitry, the AIR192|4 captures every subtle detail with breathtaking 24-bit/192kHz clarity.

From the ultra-transparent Crystal preamps to the pristine A/D converters, the signal path delivers astonishing recording quality that rivals high-end studio interfaces costing far more. Built on decades of professional audio experience, M-Audio’s engineering expertise brings true studio-grade performance within reach of home recordists.

For the ultimate in connectivity and speed, the AIR192|4 utilizes a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 circuit with class-leading 2.59ms round trip latency, giving you a realtime monitoring signal with no audible delay. Whether tracking vocals, guitar, drums, or any other source, you can record with confidence while listening to live playback. USB and USB-C cables are included for compatibility with the latest computers and mobile devices.

The rugged metal chassis features large central volume control knob, input gain knobs, responsive LED meters, and a Direct Monitoring select switch. No matter what your recording needs may be, the AIR192|4 delivers sophisticated 24-bit HD sound and seamless integration with your system.

Natural and Accurate Vocals with the Nova Microphone

Designed to capture vocals and acoustic instruments with lifelike presence and detail, the Nova large diaphragm condenser microphone delivers the warm, smooth sound quality demanded by today’s music creators. The precision 1″ condenser capsule with gold-sputtered diaphragm reproduces vocals and instruments with stunning accuracy throughout the frequency spectrum for professional studio quality recording.

With a wide dynamic range and ultra-low noise floor, the Nova microphone picks up every subtle nuance, articulation, and harmonic from vocals to strings, guitars, piano, and other acoustic sources. The transformerless design provides pristine high-end clarity while the bass roll-off filter switch tailors the low frequency response for ideal results on any sound source.

For isolation from vibration and noise, the Nova microphone comes complete with an integrated suspension shockmount system. The advanced shockmount decouples the mic capsule from the stand, eliminating rumble and mechanical noise for ultra-clean and quiet recordings. Featuring a rugged metal construction, XLR connector, and foam lined aluminum carry case, the Nova condenser microphone provides enduring professional performance for home studio owners.

Accurate Monitoring with M-Audio HDH40 Headphones

Hear every detail with stunning accuracy using the M-Audio HDH40 closed-back circumaural studio monitoring headphones. Engineered for professional mixing, editing, programming, and mastering, the HDH40 headphones deliver precise sonic reproduction with exceptional comfort.

Outfitted with large 40mm precision drivers, the HDH40 headphones immerse you in spacious and natural sound across an extended frequency range. The closed-back circumaural design creates a tight seal for isolation, allowing you to hear nuanced audio details at lower monitoring levels. Generous padding on the headband and protein leather earcups provides comfort for extended wear.

With a sealed audio environment and enhanced bass response, the M-Audio HDH40 headphones are ideal for tracking instruments, monitoring mixes, and critical listening applications in the studio or on the go. Hear your recordings as they were meant to be heard. No detail goes unnoticed.

Plug-and-Play Recording Studio Solution

Combining premium audio interface, condenser microphone, studio headphones and all essential cables, the M-Audio recording bundle gives you everything needed to start recording, podcasting and streaming like a pro. Just plug the USB cable into your Mac or Windows PC to instantly access M-Audio’s cutting edge recording technology. With ultra-low 2.59ms latency for realtime monitoring with no delay, you can track vocals, guitar and more with total confidence.

Built from the ground up for discerning audio creators, this integrated recording package delivers the stunning HD sound and seamless operation demanded by today’s producers. Why settle for lackluster quality? Capture your creative vision to the fullest with the M-Audio podcasting and home recording studio bundle.


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