MAONO XLR Podcast Microphone Kit – Professional Broadcast-Quality Condenser Mic for Podcasting, Streaming, Vocals


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Every podcaster and streamer needs a dedicated, broadcast-quality microphone to deliver premium vocals that command attention. The MAONO XLR Podcast Microphone Kit provides everything you need to start podcasting or live streaming like a pro right out of the box.

At the heart of this all-in-one podcasting bundle is the MAONO PD100 microphone. This versatile XLR condenser mic captures rich, dynamic vocals perfect for podcasts, game streaming, ASMR, vocals and voice over work. The included compact desktop mic stand securely holds the mic in place. An XLR cable connects the mic to your audio interface or mixer.

Broadcast-Quality Sound for Clear, Professional Vocals

The MAONO PD100 microphone features a tight cardioid pickup pattern to isolate your voice and reduce background noise. Its wide 60Hz-14kHz frequency response picks up crisp, detailed vocals. The dynamic condenser capsule delivers warm, smooth sound quality reminiscent of classic radio broadcasts.

An internal double-layered windscreen pop filter reduces plosive sounds like hard “b” and “p” noises. Shock mounting reduces vibration noise. The MAONO PD100’s clear, natural reproduction shines whether for podcast narration, singing, instrumentals or streaming commentary.

Plug and Play Simplicity for Quick Set Up

Setting up the MAONO PD100 microphone takes just minutes. The sturdy, adjustable-height desk stand securely holds the mic in place. Angle the mic in the desired position to optimize sound quality.

Plug the high-quality XLR cable into the mic on one end and your audio interface, mixer or recorder on the other end. Set levels and start recording or go live. The PD100 mic delivers instant studio-grade sound right out of the box.

Stylish, Durable Metal Design

The MAONO PD100 microphone combines sleek aesthetics with rugged durability. Its full metal construction consists of a zinc alloy cylindrical body, powder-coated steel basket, and hardened-steel grill. This tough metal build ensures reliable performance broadcast after broadcast.

An elegant matte black finish looks great on camera for video podcasts and live streams. The included rod extender adjusts the height an additional 2.36 inches for optimal positioning. Weighing just 1.5 pounds, the microphone sits securely on the desktop stand without drooping or toppling over.

Premium Mic for Content Creators on Any Budget

For beginners and experts alike, the MAONO PD100 podcasting microphone kit delivers professional sound quality at an affordable price. Produce clearer vocals to better engage audiences. Stand out from competitors with superior audio.

The PD100 microphone excels at home or on the go. Use it for game streaming, ASMR, vlogging, YouTube videos, Discord chats, speech recognition software and any other voice recording needs. All components fit easily into the included zippered carry case.

From unboxing to going live takes just minute thanks to the PD100’s simple setup. This XLR mic helps content creators, streamers, and podcasters sound like a pro. Order the MAONO podcast mic bundle to instantly enhance audio quality.


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