Maple Wood Drumsticks, 2 Pairs – Smooth Drum Sticks for Beginner Drummers


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Add rhythm to your repertoire with these maple wood drumsticks perfect for aspiring drummers. Boasting a lightweight yet durable maple build, these drum sticks offer comfortable grip and balanced rebound.

Measuring approximately 12.6 inches long, the sleek maple drumsticks feature smoothly sanded barrels for comfortable play during extended practice sessions. The wood’s natural absorbency allows for warm, round attack with enhanced strike response.

Great for beginner drummers, these maple drumsticks produce soft, mellow tones perfect for jazz, pop, and practice. Compared to hickory, the maple wood offers a more relaxed sound, ideal while developing technique.

Includes 2 pairs of drum sticks, so you’ve always got a backup handy. With a spare set, you can alternate during long jam sessions to avoid hand fatigue. Gift the extra pair to a fellow rising drummer to support their musical journey.

Bring the rhythm to life with these maple wood drumsticks. Perfect for starter lessons or the aspiring drummer, the smooth sticks help build skills with responsive, comfortable play.


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