Martin Smith Folk Guitar Strings – 6-String Set with Precision Wound Steel Cores for Acoustic and Folk Guitars


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Get back to basics with the Martin Smith Folk Guitar String Set. Featuring steel core construction and a versatile gauge combination, these strings are ideal for acoustic and folk guitars. Experience the warm, bright tone that makes folk music come alive.

Precision Wound Steel Cores

At the heart of each string lies a steel core wire that delivers strength, stability, and bright, projecting tone. The plain steel E, A, and D strings provide a crisp foundation. The G, B, and E strings are precision wound with copper around the steel cores for smooth playability and full-bodied tone.

The combination of steel cores and copper winding ensures these strings stand up to aggressive strumming and picking while retaining their true-to-genre folk voice. The durable construction also provides improved tuning stability compared to all-phosphor bronze sets.

Light Gauge for Easy Playability

This set has a total gauge of .012 – .053, making them an ideal choice for folk and fingerstyle playing. The light E, A, and D plain strings take little effort to fret. When you need to dig in and strum aloud, the G, B, and E wound strings sing out with rich, projecting tone thanks to the steel cores and copper winding.

The versatile light gauge works equally well on smaller bodied folk guitars as it does on large-bodied dreadnought acoustics. Wherever you play folk music, this combination of strings and gauges brings out the best tone and playability.

Vintage Warmth and Articulation

While the steel core delivers strength and projection, the copper winding imparts a vintage warmth and articulation that acoustic players love. The plain steel strings have an open and airy voice while the wound strings offer full-bodied tone and pleasing overtones.

Together, the materials and gauges create ideal folk guitar tone. You get the articulation needed for complex fingerpicking plus the warmth and body for strumming chords. Vintage tone meets modern playability and reliability.

Hand Polished for Smoother Feel

Attention to detail during manufacturing gives these strings a polished, smooth feel right out of the package. The steel core wires are precision drawn and micro-polished by hand. Winding the external copper is tightly controlled to maintain consistent gauge throughout the entire length.

The result is a string set with no rough spots to snag on your fingers during demanding passages. The slick feel makes playing intricate folk fingerpicking patterns easier and more enjoyable.

Easy Installation

Putting on a fresh set of Martin Smith Folk Strings takes just minutes, thanks to the numbered ball ends. The sizes are clearly marked for the plain E, A, D strings and the wound G, B, and E strings. Just match the numbers to the corresponding tuner post for fast stringing.

No special tools or expertise required! The unwound strings go on just like any acoustic plain string. The hex core of the wound strings self-locks into tune. In minutes you’ll be playing with fresh folk tone.

6-String Folk Sets

Each Martin Smith Folk String Set includes six strings total:
– Plain steel .012 E
– Plain steel .016 A
– Plain steel .024 D
– Wound .032 G
– Wound .042 B
– Wound .053 E

This combination satisfies all your folk guitar needs. Purchase singles or value bulk packs for your acoustic, classical, or vintage instruments.

Made for Musicians, Built to Last

Martin Smith strings are made by musicians, for musicians. We choose materials and gauges optimized for each genre while maintaining strict quality control. Whether you play folk, rock, punk, metal, or country, our strings deliver the perfect tone and feel.

Once installed, our proprietary treatment helps these strings stay fresh sounding for longer than ordinary sets. However you play folk music, you can rely on Martin Smith strings to deliver night after night.

Get Back to Your Folk Music Roots

The Martin Smith Folk String Set combines hand-polished steel cores with copper winding for bright, warm acoustic tone. Light gauges provide easy playability while the precision wound bass strings offer full folk voice. With authentic folk tone and articulation, you can re-create traditions or write modern folk songs.


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